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The FreeLists web site can help you manage your subscription. However, you can also manage it via email commands, there's no need to worry about logins/passwords this way.

The proper syntax for these commands would be:

To send messages to the group:
[email protected]

To contact the list owner/moderators directly:
(they are the only ones who will receive the message)
[email protected]

To Subscribe to the group:
(send this link to a friend who wants/needs to join the list)
[email protected]?Subject=subscribe
All they'll need to do is to click on the Send button with this one.
[email protected]
They'll need to type in the word "subscribe" (without the quotes) in the Subject field with this one.

To Unsubscribe from the group:
[email protected]?Subject=unsubscribe
(a clickable preaddressed unsubscribe link)
[email protected]
with the subject of "unsubscribe" (without the quotes)

To switch to Digest mode:
[email protected]
with the subject of "set digest" (without the quotes)

To return to Individual Emails from Digest mode:
[email protected]
with the subject of "unset digest" (without the quotes)

To receive Both Individual Emails and Digest at the same address:
[email protected]
with the subject of "set digest2" (without the quotes)
this is convinient for those who like to keep digests for reference and be able to read the individual emails as they are sent)

To return to Individual Emails from Digest2 mode:
[email protected]
with the subject of "unset digest2" (without the quotes)

To set to No Mail/Vacation mode:
[email protected]
with the subject of "set vacation" (without the quotes)
Be advised freelists has an automatic vacation return that is set for 14 days after a "set vacation" command is received.
Let the moderators know if you need to have it set for a longer period
To return to Individual Emails from Vacation mode:
[email protected]
with the subject of "unset vacation" (without the quotes)

Other helpful email commands:

[email protected]?Subject=info
Provides a copy of the list info file (once you have set it up)
This can be used for general email commands or FAQ or any information you feel is necessary/helpful

[email protected]?Subject=stats
You will get a list of all the flags currently set on your account (your email settings) as well as recent posting information such as how many posts you have submitted and list traffic your posts have created. This is especially useful to verify that subscription changes have taken effect.

Also helpful is:

[email protected]
with a subject of "lists".
A list of lists hosted by the server will be returned to you.  This is very helpful to find other lists you may want to subscribe to.

[email protected]
with a subject of "which".
You will receive a list of Freelists lists to which you are currently subscribed.


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