Re: death to word

Reply to note from Harry Binswanger <hb@xxxxxxxxxxxx> Sun, 15 Apr 2012
23:20:29 -0400

> And I've forgotten how to turn a XY4 file into a
> .pdf.</blockquote><br> One way is to use PDFCreator. ...
> Easier is to use Adobe's online conversion facility. It's free
> for 4 times (I think).

Or use U2 command XY2PDF<Helpkey>. POSTGHST.PRN must be the loaded
printer file, and a PostScript interpreter and viewer, such as
Ghostscript and GSView, must be installed. User variables under XyWWWeb
REGistry Key [Ghostscript] must point to Ghostscript and GSView
EXEcutables (or their equivalents). Issue REGEDIT Ghostscript<Helpkey>
to edit the REG file.

Carl Distefano

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