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Yeah, I think I'm going to leave it as is.  I'll let them figure it out when
they need it.  The biggest problem comes into play when they think they're
searching for the correct SSN and in fact, the data entry person made one up
because the student didn't want to give his out.... Strange but true.

Thanks for all your help.

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I use Delphi myself but if it was me I'd give the job a wide berth. There's
no failsafe way to do what you want.

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No, I'm using Borland's Delphi to do this....It structured in a while
NOT(EOF) loop and then parses per line....

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Are you using the command line 'For' command? If so, something like this may

FOR /F "eol=; tokens=1,2,3-5 delims= , " %i in (myfile.txt) do @echo %i %j

From the help files: 

        tokens=x,y,m-n  - specifies which tokens from each line are to 
                          be passed to the for body for each iteration. 
                          This will cause additional variable names to 
                          be allocated.  The m-n form is a range, 
                          specifying the mth through the nth tokens. 


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This is another one of those situations, so it sounds, that there isn't 
a 100% method.  What if your file is: 

Jo Ann Smith 
Jose Los Santos 

Jo Ann is the first person's first name, Los Santos is the second 
person's last name.  There is no way to distinguish this, unless you 
have the ability to think.  So, while you and I can distinguish it as 
thinkers, the computer cannot.  Is it possibly to have your source file 
come in a different way?  Like, with comma delimiting between first and 
last names or some other way of distinguishing things? 

Ray at work 

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Some time ago I presented a question concerning parsing names in a data 
file.  I've got it working perfectly except for the following: 

Currently, the parsing routine uses delimiters (spaces, commas etc) to 
determine what separates the values (such as first name, middle name 

So, John L. Jones Jr  is pretty simple.  I'm having problems with names 
like this.... 

Juan Lopez De Los Santos 

The Juan and Lopez are fine, however, it's reading the De Los Santos as 
three separate entities as its programmed to do... I'm just wondering if 
there might be a better way to do this so I can get De Los Santos into 
the last name field. 

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