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... what is left on your items to bring list?
Chuck Moody

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Jim <jim@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

WOW!  Like I said, your place is with the family.
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Thanks, Jim.  She has MSA (multiple system astrophy) a terrible degenerative 
disease that has no cure and ultimately leads to death.  

Janice M. Holloway Carriger
God Bless 

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We are sorry to hear that your family is experiencing some health issues at 
this time.  Don't worry about trying to get to the outing!  Your family is much 
more important and your presence will minister to them.  But, if you find it 
where you can go to the outing, don't worry about taking something.  We'll have 
plenty.  Just come and enjoy the fellowship.
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I will try to make it (will bring something if I come)My plans are a little 
uncertain at this time.  My husband's ex-wife is in the        hospital in SA 
in critical condition and his children are all here right now.

Janice M. Holloway Carriger
God Bless 

On Apr 9, 2012, at 10:20 PM, David Van Leeuwen <davevan54@xxxxxxxxx>        

Hello Everyone, 
It's time for our outing at Coleto Creek.  The date of the outing is Saturday, 
April 14.  Park entry fee is waived for club members.  Just tell the ranger as 
you enter that you are a member of the Victoria Photography Club. 
There will be a few of us at Coleto Friday if you want to come out and be with 
us.   We'll be in the area close to the walking trail (Sites 48-52).  The 
outing will start when you get there Saturday. 
Mark, Roger, David and others have been busy putting in some new bird blinds 
and cleaning up the others in preparation for the weekend. 
We will have Pavilion C open          Saturday.  This will be the headquarters 
for the outing. 
The plan is to have no plan.  Hmmmmm  Anyway we are going to take some 
pictures, talk about cameras/accessories, tell a few yarns and, of course, EAT 
-- which brings me to the purpose of this email -- What To Bring.
We are going to have hamburgers and sausage with the fixin's Saturday evening 
about 6:30.  The club          will provide the hamburger patties, buns, and 
sausage.  You are asked to sign to bring the rest of the stuff.
    Paper products (plates, napkins, forks/spoons, cups) -- Payne
    Charcoal and          lighter -- Payne
    Ice -- Payne
    Beans --
    Chips -- Dave 
    Dip --
    Lettuce/Tomatoes --
    Pickles/Onions --
    Cheese --
    Mayo/Mustard --
    BBQ Sauce --
    Desserts --
    Drinks (can drinks, water, tea (artificial sweetener for tea) -- Dave 
So, here's the deal.  I need to know if you are coming and what you are 
bringing by Thursday noon.  You can          reply to this email. 
I will publish an updated list of what folks are bringing from time to time 
during the next few days. 

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