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Some of you might shuttle our vehicles from Nursery back to the Rose Garden 
parking while you are waiting on us to get to the loop which is about 9 miles 
so should take us about 3 hours or so.




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I'm thinking of going and meet the group at the Rose Garden and get some 
pictures of them loading all the kayaks on Roger's truck and trailer. Then 
follow them to the Nursery Bridge and get some photos of them launching the 
kayaks. Next drive to the loop bridge and get some pictures of them kayaking 
down the Guadalupe River.

If you or any other club members are interested let me know. Maybe your friend, 
don't remember her name, the gal that went with the group that went to NASA 
would like to join us. It would be great fun photo opt If a couple of other 
club members would like to join us.



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I'd love to but I don't know where this bridge is. Anyone else wanna take a 
photo? Maybe we could carpool.

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I might be able to depending on what time you would be passing by. 



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Is there anyone not going kayaking that  would want to take our picture from 
the loop bridge?  Dora ann 

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Linda, Dora Ann, Brent & partner, Gena &Bill, Mark possibly and myself plan to 
kayak from Nursery to Victoria tomorrow, about 12 miles.  We plan to meet at 9 
a.m. Sunday at the boat launch by the Rose Garden.  We will try to combine 
boats onto my pickup and trailer and leave most of the vehicles at the Rose 
Garden.  We can leave one vehicle at the loop (Hwy 77 bridge) in case someone 
may want to stop at 9 miles.

Bring Gatorade, water, power bars and a sandwich or two.  Don’t forget 
sunscreen, hats and life jackets.   I will be wearing my life jacket and 
recommend that you wear yours.

We never take rest or potty breaks, but we will stop at gravel bars to look for 
fossils, opal (semiprecious stone) and petrified wood.   So if you need to stop 
just say “I want to look for fossils”.  Keep your eyes open for skulls and 
bones on the gravel bars.   I have found extinct bison skulls on this stretch 
of river.  

Anyone else who wants to go can just meet us at 9:00 am at the boat launch or 
about 9:30 a.m. at the Nursery bridge.  Just go to Nursery, turn left, then 
right after crossing the river bridge.

Dave and Juan, we hope you can make it.

Looking forward to a pleasant trip.



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