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Hi Pam...Got excited when seeing the prices on sold equipment. Your listings 
said 'sold as is' so I was thinking there were no returns. Guess I'm not up to 
date on the Ebay game. What's the status on the Mamiya 7?

I remember when going through checking and cleaning all the items...some 
appeared to work and others did not. I recall one of the Nikonos underwater 
cameras shutter not working. I should have made a list with notes at the time 
(good help is hard to come by)  :-)

It would be great if you could keep the BOD up to date on the status of what 
has sold, returned, etc..   My original offer to help with the boxing and 
shipping still stands.

Pam...Thanks again for all your efforts.       Mark
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  Hold your thank yous. Several of the buyers have contacted me and either 
already have or are in the process of sending them back because the equipment 
does not work.
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    Great Job Pam!

    As most of you know, the O'Connors contacted the club last year offering to 
donate some older photography equipment to use in our training 
classes/workshops. Since it was mostly 35mm and 120mm film cameras and lenses, 
we asked if we could sell them and use the proceeds to buy digital 
cameras/equipment for our training use.especially for youth groups.

    Since our By-Laws call for bids on property that is to be sold, Pam agreed 
to list the equipment on Ebay for the club. Charles took some great photos of 
all the items for the Ebay listing. 

    Some of us have been following the action on Ebay and the results so far 
have greatly exceeded our expectations. One of the cameras went for $910 and a 
lens for another $227.  So far the total is over $1200 and that's for about 
half of the equipment.

    Thanks Pam.You did a great job listing the donated equipment. The club will 
be able to set up some neat photo training classes/workshops with these funds. 
We are looking forward to seeing the final Ebay total.

    Pam and Charles, on behalf of the Victoria Photography Club, we want to 
offer our thanks for your dedication to the VPCI.

    Jim and Mark  

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