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> Hold your thank yous. Several of the buyers have contacted me and either
> already have or are in the process of sending them back because the
> equipment does not work.
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>  Great Job Pam!****
> As most of you know, the O’Connors contacted the club last year offering
> to donate some older photography equipment to use in our training
> classes/workshops. Since it was mostly 35mm and 120mm film cameras and
> lenses, we asked if we could sell them and use the proceeds to buy digital
> cameras/equipment for our training use…especially for youth groups.****
> Since our By-Laws call for bids on property that is to be sold, Pam agreed
> to list the equipment on Ebay for the club. Charles took some great photos
> of all the items for the Ebay listing. ****
> Some of us have been following the action on Ebay and the results so far
> have greatly exceeded our expectations. One of the cameras went for $910
> and a lens for another $227.  So far the total is over $1200 and that’s
> for about half of the equipment.****
> Thanks Pam…You did a great job listing the donated equipment. The club
> will be able to set up some neat photo training classes/workshops with
> these funds. We are looking forward to seeing the final Ebay total.****
> Pam and Charles, on behalf of the Victoria Photography Club, we want to
> offer our thanks for your dedication to the VPCI.****
> Jim and Mark  ****

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