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Thanks Jim - good article!

On Mon, Apr 23, 2012 at 10:04 AM, Jim Payne <jim@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>   Thought this might be useful.
> jim
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> 10 Useful Tips to Encourage Children to Take 
> Photography<http://www.picturecorrect.com/tips/10-useful-tips-to-encourage-children-to-take-photography/>
> Posted: 20 Apr 2012 06:39 PM PDT
> Taking pictures is beautiful, and children love playing with cameras. It’s
> up to us to turn this desire into a hobby that can last for decades. Here
> you have 10 useful tips to encourage children to take pictures and improve
> their technique:
> [image: children taking photography]
> "Coby" captured by Georgette Alegria (Click Image to See More From
> Georgette Alegria)
> *1. Buy them a camera:* Yes it sounds obvious and stupid, but really it
> is the first step. Children need their own camera, so they can carry it
> with them, drop it, forget it, use it, etc. If the camera belongs to them
> they will feel the owners of its results. And, nowadays, it’s not
> expensive, just a cheap 3 or 5 megapixels camera (Better if it’s intended
> for children) is enough.
> *2. Appreciate the pictures:* This also sounds obvious, but it’s also
> important to have it in mind as sometimes we don’t have much time to share
> with them. Children need to feel that their work is useful, so they need to
> see it and share it. Since they don’t have a flickr or picturesocial
> account, the only feedback they can get is yours, so make sure you give it
> to them.
> *3. Encourage them to use and carry the camera:* Ok, they have the
> camera; wouldn’t it be good to make sure they use it? Remind them to bring
> it along when you go out, and once outside encourage them to use it.
> *4. Share their point of view:* Children are born untaught; this is good
> from one side as they are not corrupted but also they need to know a little
> about composition and framing. So in order to explain to them how to see as
> a photographer you need to share their point of view, so get down on your
> knees and watch the world as they do. From there you will help them
> assemble meaningful compositions.
> *5. Work with still objects:* Capturing movements is difficult, as the
> first step is to create a good composition. My suggestion is to start
> photographing objects or places; it’s easier as they don’t try to escape
> from the frame.
> *6. Play with colors:* Children love colors, so use them to teach them
> about exposure. Try to picture colorful things in order to make them easier
> to understand contrasts and illumination. It’s easier to find differences
> in a color scale than in a black and white one.
>  <http://d1.openx.org/ck.php?n=a85a3cd9&cb=INSERT_RANDOM_NUMBER_HERE>
> *7. Play with lines:* Children love drawings and lines, so use natural
> lines to learn about composition. Suggest that they take pictures of things
> and places with a lot of lines, so it’s easier for them to visualize the
> composition.
> *8. Take them through the city:* The cities have colors and lights and
> walking through regular spots and taking pictures of the routine walks is a
> very good way to train the photographic eye.
> *9. Print their best photos:* As photographers we love to have our works
> exposed. Children want the same. So make sure you print their best photos
> and place them in a nice frame somewhere visible at home
> *10. Encourage them to keep working:* The best way to succeed is working,
> so help them to make photography a habit. If they take pictures regularly
> they will improve for sure.
> And latest, as a bonus for the truly good ones:
> • Let them use your camera: From time to time make them feel big and
> important. Let them use your camera and play a little bit with the
> controls, so they can control and improve lighting and exposure.
> I hope this list serves you and your children to enjoy photography as much
> as I do. Thanks for reading!
> *About the Author:*
> I love pictures, mines and from others. So I choose daily a city picture
> to share with the readers of my blog 
> thecitypictures.net<http://www.thecitypictures.net/>
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