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  • Date: Tue, 9 Aug 2011 17:50:53 +0000

Pam, I'll look at the schedule tonight. We have our "Unleash the Titans" night 
on saturday and I have to shoot it. Also the meeting on Thursday falls on the 
same night as our Tailgate Party, and I have to shoot that. I will fill in when 
I can.                       -Charles
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Subject: [vpci] Re: Contest Work Schedule

Mary Gail and I would like to help Sunday after Church.  At what times are we 
most needed then? 
Chuck Moody 
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As many of you know, the club is required to "babysit" the contest display 
while it is at the mall. It also is a GREAT time to spend time with other club 
members and maybe even discuss cameras. =) 
Please look at the attached schedule and indicate which dates you can help. 
Even if you can only stay for a portion of the time it would be very helpful. 
(There are 2 attachments. Both are the same but in 2 different formats in case 
someone cannot open Excel documents.) 
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