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I do Alfred .I use yellow  on black.  You could scroll the text which
will change its colour . Or reply to will change it and scroll down.
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No Derry.  Do you realize, guess you do, that you are writing with
yellow text.  This is certainly difficult for me to see against my white
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Hi all,
My daughter mentioned to Sony are advertising an Ipod/Iaudio type mp3
player(?) for book downloads etc.Are any of you familiar with this ?
Thanks Derry
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Subject: [vip_students] disabling mouse pad
Hi all,
Apologies if I posted this before, but I have a laptop in work with a
mouse  pad on an area in front of the space bar. I don't use the mouse
as I am using JAWS, but if I by an accident hit against it, the mouse is
working and has done things to my document without me realising.
Is there any way I can disable this mouse pad?
Thanks in advance.


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