[vip_students] Re: Eloquence or RealSpeak

Hi Eleanor,

I discovered that I have Eloquence only by a little trial and error!

I went to Jaws, which in my case was on the taskbar, pressed alt and then
used the arrows to find what I required!

By the way my eloquence voice wa set to American-English so I decided to try
and change this to British-English, to hear how it sounded, but let's put it
this way!

Jaws with Eloquence speaks much better in the American tongue!

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> Tony
> I am no expert but I am informed that the real speak voice can slow down a
> machine.  It is all part of the Jaws product but what I would call the
> American type voice, the one that is not real speak is in fact Eloquence.
> When I got my Jaws there were 3 CDs, one had the Registration number on it
> and logged that when I put the CD in to my computer.  The other had Jaws
> the 3rd one had the Real Speak.
> Eleanor
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> Subject: [vip_students] Eloquence or RealSpeak
> > Hi All,
> >
> > I wonder if someone could let me know how to know what voice I am using?
> >
> > It sounds like Eloquence
> >
> > Is it possible that Eloquence might sound like one of the RealSpeak
> > voices?
> >
> > Is RealSpeak an FS product?
> >
> >
> >  Jaws is actting a little strangely on my new computer and I have been
> > informed that RealSpeak might be causing the
> > problem!
> >
> > Tony.
> >
> >

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