[vicsireland] Em,ails bypassing inbox?

Hi Maureen
Maybe you accidentially 'blocked' Michael's email address from your
Inbox ?
In fact this is a question for the VICS list not Ireland VIP News so I
put them in CC to see if they can answer your query.


From: irelandvipnews-bounces@xxxxxxxx
[mailto:irelandvipnews-bounces@xxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of maureen newell
Sent: 16 September 2006 13:27
To: List for discussing news and issues relating to the visuallyimpaired
Subject: Re: [IRELANDVIPNEWS] Novel Christmas Party

Michael, I have been meaning to tell you that all mails from you
invariably bypass my inbox and go to the deleted folder.  Has anyone
else experienced this problem?
Maureen. P.S. Believe me, I have nothing against you!  

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