[va-bird] Manassas Battlefield


I stopped by the power line cut at Manassas Battlefield this morning in
hopes of finding the Clay-colored Sparrow.  I struck out rather
resoundingly as I wasn't even able to find a Field Sparrow!  I walked
the entire powerline cut from the Jeb Stuart Visitor's Center to where
it crosses I-66 and found only a bunch of juncos, about 20 Song Sparrows
and one White-throated Sparrow.  Perhaps the flock has moved to another
area.  The power line cut continues north across Rt. 29 and there is
excellent habitat there.  On the other hand, I could have just missed
them somehow.  I would be interested to know if anyone sees this bird
again this winter.

I have had several signs of spring - a towhee singing last week for
starters and then the Pine Warbler singing in Highland County
yesterday.  Bring it on!

Susan Heath
Fairfax County
Centreville, VA

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