[va-bird] Leesylvania SP, warblers and kinglets

I was at Leesylvania State Park at about 6:45 this morning, and as the sun came 
up birds cascaded down the hillside below the ruins.  I ID'd only a portion, 
but the morning was still very enjoyable.  Major players were both species of 
kinglets (about 10 each), e. bluebirds (20), n. flickers (10), chimney swifts 
(100), pewees (6), northern parulas (6), and magnolia warblers (5).   Other 
migrants of note were blue-headed vireo (1), scarlet tanager (3), ruby-throated 
hummingbird (1), gray-cheeked (2), Swainson's (2), and wood thrushes (1) (all 
along the boardwalk), an empid that may have been a least, eastern phoebe (3), 
am. redstart (1) and Cape May (2), Tennessee (1), bay-breasted (2), blackpoll 
(1), black-throated green (4), yellow-throated (1), yellow-rumped (20, 
Nashville (1), and pine warblers (1). 

Marc Ribaudo
Woodbridge, VA

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