[va-bird] Eastern Shore -Sunset Beach

In the trees and shrubs just south of the Pelican Pub behind the Sunset
Beach resort on the tip of the Eastern Shore Tuesday morning, 0715 to 0820,
after a clear night with N to NE winds, approximately:

150+ Catbirds
100+ Black Throated Blue Warblers
100+ Black and White Warbler
40 N. Parula
40 Red Eyed Vireo
25 Redstart
25 Brown Thrasher
1 Great Crested Flycatcher
1 Black Throated Green Warbler
1 Swainson?s Thrush (wobbly on this one, but I had good looks)
1 Orange Crown Warbler (even wobblier on this one, but a decent, if brief,
plus mockingbirds, Carolina wren, house wren, DC Cormorants, etc.

Birds ID?ed were no more than 1 in 20 of what went through too fast to get
glasses on or flew over.

Had a decent birder been there the counts and species list would have been
much higher.

Tom Saunders

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