[uae] Re: euae-qt

> so on the fly configuration should become easy, still a lot to do of 
> course, for those interested in the communication with the uae core
> it is a mix of a fifo pipe and callback gui_* functions,
> while winuae has switched from fifo pipes to named pipes
> Drummond: perhaps this project can get a place in the e-uae sourceforge 
> repositry ? so it's easier for people to help

Has it been written in such a way that it can easily be built without QT (or 

If not, then I'd prefer it have it's own separate section, just like Hi-Toro is 
a separate project.  Hi-Toro, which is a wonderful tool, isn't written for 
anything but osX.  QT doesn't exist on MorphOS or AmigaOS, BEos, or osX.  (Ok 
it's available for osX but that's just silly, installing QT as a toolkit when 
you've got the wonderful system gadgets already.)

So while I applaud your getting it moving, I'd say unless it can be easily 
integrated into all systems e-uae supports, keep it separate.  Nothing wrong 
with mentioning it in the dox or on the e-uae page, but don't risk accidentally 
causing someone to think that this is required for e-uae core functionality.

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