[tssg-tech] Re: Bug 23 - safe to work in FilterCriteria.java?

Hi Peter,


Is the FilterCriteria the bug listed below?  If so, Lucy may have taken
ownership, or are you just banishing the toast messages file by file?







#17: Find UI Screens present default graphics settings.



  Reporter:  ab-robdionne  |       Owner:  ab-lucy     

      Type:  enhancement   |      Status:  assigned    

  Priority:  minor         |   Component:  EventBoss UI

Resolution:                |    Keywords:              

Source Rev:  unspecified   |  



Changes (by ab-lucy):


  * status:  new => assigned





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I just checked in EventList.java with changes for bug 23.     I'm doing one
file at a time to minimize conflicts.


I plan to do FilterCriteria.java next unless anyone objects (Peter K?  Rob?)


Peter N



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