[TN-Bird] Tennessee Aquarium Panama birding trip

The Birds, Wildlife and Natural Wonders of Panama

March 27 - April 3, 2004

The Tennessee Aquarium in cooperation with the Philadelphia Zoo is
sponsoring an eight day expedition to explore the birds, wildlife and
natural wonders of Panama.  Our trip leader will be Hernan Arauz who is
widely regarded as Panama's best bird guide and I (Kevin Calhoon) will also
accompany the trip to be the aquarium liaison and help out with the birding.
Hernan Aruaz is a very experienced guide (has a Panama bird list of 750) and
one of the pioneers of natural history tours in Panama.  He is a veteran of
several Darien expeditions, including the first one offered for ecotourists.
Hernan is the son of Reina Torresde Arauz, Panama's leading anthropologist
and Amado Arauz, a legendary explorer of the Darien. 

Of course Panama's reputation for its avifauna is unmatched with 940 species
in a very small landmass!  We will bird lowland and highland rainforests,
from Soberania National Park on the famous Pipeline Road  (looking for such
species as White-bellied Antbird, Purple-throated Fruitcrow, Blue-throated
Goldentail, and any of five species of trogons present), to the Metropolitan
Nature Park within Panama City's limits (Lance-tailed Manakin, Rosy Thrush
Tanager etc.), to La Amistad National Park in the Chiriqui Highlands
(Silvery-throated Jay, Spangle-cheeked Tanager), to the foothills of the
Baru Volcano (Resplendant Quetzal, Three-wattled Bellbird, Volcano

There will be an optional post-trip extension to the Darien (April 3-8)
which is on the Colombian border with Panama and is regarded as one of the
top-ten birding spot in the world!  This remote and secluded area of Panama
is the most interesting point of contact for Central and South American
avifauna and is famous for Blue and Yellow, Red and Green, Great Green and
Chestnut Macaws. As well as gobs of tanagers, hummingbirds, etc.......!

The trip price is $2,445 (double occupancy) excluding airfare which should
be around $500.  The optional post-trip extension to the Darien is $1,485
including the chartered flights.

This will be a fantastic trip and the maximum is 18, so don't wait too long
if you are interested!

For more information and a brochure you can contact me at kac@xxxxxxxxxx or
call at 423-785-4070.  

Kevin Calhoon
Tennessee Aquarium

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