[THIN] Re: Windows 7 Ain't gonna be much different than Vista

Nicely put.  I agree about the iMac.  What a brilliant piece of hardware...
And 24" screens rock!!!  My vista box has two of them and I don't know what
I would do with out them...

And yes, the NeXTSTEP OS ROCKED!   Jobs knew what he was doing at NeXT, eh?
Long live Steve Jobs!!!


On 5/30/08 5:47 PM, "Steve Greenberg" <steveg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I get my fast Windows desktop/ business apps from PS via ICA on a Mac. I run
> Parallels with XP as needed and then I boot into that same XP natively to run
> intensive audio and video apps for fun.
> I just like the Mac as a desktop and the 24" iMac is just a great size and
> screen to have on your desk. I can boot it to Windows for general use
>  but after a while I always miss the Mac OS "feel".
> I use a standard wireless keyboard and two button wireless mouse so there is
> no mouse envy there
> Keep in mind that I was a NeXTSTEP user going back to the  Winview and
> Winframe days so I have been doing this a long time. I naturally switch
> modifier keys between CNTRL and COMMAND so it is easy to cut and paste and
> navigate between platforms.. Also I avoided Mac OS thru 9, that was crap. When
> NeXTSTEP became Mac I was back in!
> SteveG 
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> better yet,    the fastest desktop OS is actually Windows Server 2008.   just
> install that, turn on Themes (if you like that type of stuff) and away you
> go.. No need for a Mac or a PC..
Also, if people think a Mac does not
> crash then think again, mine crashes all the time.. it is just like Windows. 
> Windows is stable until you install non-Microsoft apps.. ;)    Same with the
> Mac!! :)

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> [THIN] Re: Windows 7 Ain't gonna be much different than Vista
Ubuntu for
> workstations, CentOS for servers, works for us J
Thank You
-Doug Rooney

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I guess it's time to switch to a Mac.



On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 10:42 AM, Jim Kenzig
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As I said a few weeks ago on the Windows 2000
> list .. start learning Vista now...


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