Duh...I forgot about that tick box in Terminal Services Configuration. 
It's under Connections / RDP-TCP Client Settings tab. Still it would be nice to 
be able to do this on a per user/client basis...seems like it is an all or 
nothing with the RDP connection. 
Jim Kenzig

Quoting "Eyles, Richard" <Richard.Eyles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Neil,
> You put me onto the right thing, I've disabled the clipboard mapping and now
> RDPCLIP is not run when the user logs in!
> Thank you both for your help
> Richard 
> -- 
> Richard Eyles 
> Principal Pharmacist Computer Services 
> Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust 023 9237 2923 / Ext 5283 
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Braebaum, Neil [mailto:Neil.Braebaum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: 17 October 2003 16:11
> To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [THIN] Re: RDPCLIP
> Presumably it's related to the virtual channels you allow for the RDP
> connection type.
> Neil
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Eyles, Richard [mailto:Richard.Eyles@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
> Sent: 17 October 2003 16:02
> To: 'thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'
> Subject: [THIN] Re: RDPCLIP
> Thanks Jim, 
> I thought of that too but being a novice I didn't want to make such a change
> until I found out what effect it would have!
> Where would I find what triggers the executable to start? 
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