[THIN] Re: M$ Patching...

If we're talking about the situation where Users (not Admins) are given the 
'Reboot now" or "Reboot Later" dialog, with "Reboot Later" greyed out, yes, 
please do document this! 

On 8/23/05, Jim Kenzig Kenzig.com <http://Kenzig.com> <jkenzig@xxxxxxxxx> 
> Where is this specifically?...I'd like to write an FAQ item on this one. 
> We've had the same problem since we went to Windows 2003 Server. So we can't 
> be alone.
> Jim
> *Dogers <dogers@xxxxxxxxx>* wrote:
> You'll want to have a look at the GP options for the update service -
> you can force the reboot message not to show for users
> >

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