[THIN] Re: How ready\stable is MPS 4?

PS4 is running very nicely in production environments, especially with the
Enteprise version there are great enhancements. "Universal" Printing is much
better but not perfect, build a new farm instead of trying to somehow make
the upgrade work...........
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How far have things come? If stability is my number one priority should I
stick with XP FR3?
Also the real attraction for our company would be the apparent ease with
which printing in theory is dealt with by MPS 4 - how much has this proven
true in practice for others?
Also I assume the upgrade path from XP3 to MPS4 is not smooth and possibly
not even an option from what I recall reading on the topic last spring?
Probably need to be on PS 3 to upgrade to 4?
Steve Parr
Metroland Printing, Publishing and Distributing Ltd.


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