[THIN] Re: HA for CAG to WI

Not sure what version of Netscaler.  I thought it was 7.  I know the CAG
was then Enterprise V8.

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Which version of Netscaler did you use?  V8.0 has the ICA Proxy built
in and works great provided you are running on the latest build.

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Lovely...was not aware of this, just purchased a new CAG for


The problem I had with the Netscalers, was they were nearly impossible
to configure as a CAG, SO much more difficult than the true CAG

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Yes , they are the best at this and can take over the CAG role as

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Subject: [THIN] Re: HA for CAG to WI

I was afraid that would be the answer. 
Can this be done with the Netscaler boxes?  Do they have a built in
load balancing for this type of scenario, for WI?

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External load balancer....

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Subject: [THIN] HA for CAG to WI

We are using a CAG.  Most of our users will go directly to a WI site,
with a couple applications, one of which auto-launches. 
My question, is high availability.  I know I can turn on failover for
the VPN client connections, but what are my options for HA for those
connecting directly to a WI. 
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