[TechAssist] Re: New XP update/ screwed up my computer

Hi Damon,

You may want to save yourself many hours of copying files
and reinstalling XP (or 2000) by simply using this function
which is built into Windows:

A standard Windows utility which is called CONVERT.  Just
go to the Command Prompt (in RUN type: CMD) and execute the

                C:\ CONVERT C: /FS:NTFS
Where C: is the letter of the drive you want to convert.
There is a single space before and after CONVERT and before

After the system re-boots the conversion process will start
and you'll have your FAT32 converted to NTFS without data
loss (always good to backup your important data just in case).

I've done this and it worked. Partition Magic 8 will also
convert FAT32 to NTFS.

Bil Green 
PC 1000
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
Thursday, October 7, 2004, 10:33:03 PM, you wrote:

D> I kinda figgered that....I do like XP overall, but I think I'll spend a
D> weekend tranferring massive amounts of files to CD and reformat and maybe
D> switch to NTFS instead of.....whatever drive format has been used for the
D> last 4-8 years. (Can't remember what it's called....something-16 or -32) .
D> Don't know if NTFS will be worth the conversion or not....
D> As long as I can transfer files from my Compact Flash Card Reader Drive E to
D> Drive C, I'll be happy.
D> Damon Brunger
D> Telrad Electronics
D> Fort Wayne, IN
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D> | There's a bunch of services that need to be disabled in 2000 & XP. I
D> | have a list of the ones which are safe to disable and instructions for
D> | doing it (very easy). The Messenger service should always be disabled
D> | unless you really need it. All those pop-up messages are NOT from
D> | Microsoft.
D> |
D> |
D> | Bil Green
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D> | Thursday, October 7, 2004, 6:09:45 AM, you wrote:
D> |
| D>> Yeah, you ain't kiddin'....I get a message everytime I activate IE6
D> that
| D>> Windows messenger has an update...Click on Yes and it goes to a page
D> that
| D>> doesn't exist anymore....so SP2 is on it's way, free of charge via
D> CD...OK,
| D>> I hope it doesn't gag my 'puter.
D> |
| D>>  Yes you can activate/disable Messenger and Firewall, but you have to
D> use
| D>> Help to get you there. And yes, pop-ups, viruses, spyware all attacked
D> me
| D>> because SOMETHING turned off my Spysweeper and Norton AntiVirus at
D> various
| D>> times after install.....but now it's stable.
D> |
| D>> But at least I learned how to use Regedit because of that situation.
D> Oh, and
| D>> Safe mode too.
| D>> I guess since I haven't heard from Kazaa about their software
D> activation
| D>> problems, I may have to FORMAT my drive to get whatever Hidden software
D> off
| D>> of it....and I KNOW IT IS KAZAA-LITE that caused Version 2.6.6 to lock
D> me
| D>> out....I haven't had that piece of junk on my computer for over 2
D> years.....
D> |
| D>> Damon Brunger
| D>> Telrad Electronics
| D>> Fort Wayne, IN
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| D>> From: "Bil Green" <tv.vcrrepair@xxxxxxxxxxx>
| D>> Subject: [TechAssist] Re: New XP update/ screwed up my computer
D> |
D> |
| D>> | Although XP is much more stable than Windows 9x it has problems.
| D>> |
| D>> | It's bloated software
| D>> | Needs a ton on memory
| D>> | Has annoying pop-up menus and messages
| D>> |
| D>> | Too many Services are turned on by default (creating a serious
| D>> | security problem if you don't know enough to disable some of
| D>> | them).
| D>> |
| D>> | Companies like Dell and Gateway routinely sell systems with
| D>> | inadequate amounts of memory and don't make it clear to the
| D>> | customer that they need to purchase much more. So they just
| D>> | plug along and suffer.
| D>> |
| D>> | By default all the eye candy is enabled (and few people know
| D>> | that it needs to be disabled, or how to do it). All the fancy
| D>> | stuff eats up memory even when it's not being used (unnecessary
| D>> | special effects for menus, etc.)
| D>> |
| D>> |
| D>> | Bil Green
| D>> | PC 1000
| D>> | Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546
| D>> | 760-924-1000
| D>> |
| D>> | Wednesday, October 6, 2004, 10:51:57 AM, you wrote:
| D>> |
| | Lwc>>> Hi Robert,
| | Lwc>>>      You are correct in assuming that with reasonable care you can
| D>> get away
| | Lwc>>> with XP as it comes out of the box. The issues that I have seen so
| D>> far are
| | Lwc>>> usually related to the customers inadequacies in computer
D> management.
| D>> I.E. a
| | Lwc>>> firewall. I haven't had any issues with windows XP to speak of
D> here
| D>> and I just
| | Lwc>>> started using it once SP2 came out and before I ever heard of any
| D>> problems with it
| | Lwc>>> itself. I'm a baby with XP at this point. Although my overall
| D>> computer
| | Lwc>>> experience is a masters degree. Makes it far easier to accomplish
| D>> using it with good
| | Lwc>>> credentials. Unfortunately my customers generally don't have my
D> years
| D>> of
| | Lwc>>> experience. This is where the problems arise. I personally thought
D> I
| D>> would never
| | Lwc>>> give up 95. I eventually moved to 98, which I prefer but I have
D> found
| D>> the more
| | Lwc>>> experience I have with all of Microsoft's OS's the better off I am
| D>> from a
| | Lwc>>> profit potential standpoint.
| | Lwc>>>
| D>> Lindsey
| D>> |
| | Lwc>>> Lindsey Altman
| | Lwc>>> At Home Service Company
| | Lwc>>> 440 Cedar Ave.
| | Lwc>>> Claxton, Ga. 30417
| | Lwc>>> athomeservice@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
| | Lwc>>> labeauxman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
| | Lwc>>> (912)739-1019
| D>> |
| | Lwc>>> Hi Lindsey,
| D>> |
| | Lwc>>> I've been using XP Pro with SP1 update at home for almost a year
D> with
| D>> NO
| | Lwc>>> problems.
| | Lwc>>> I use 98SE on 2 computers at home and 7 computers here at shop. 4
D> of
| D>> these
| | Lwc>>> have had problems but only 2 were OS, 1 was power supply 1 was
| D>> motherboard
| | Lwc>>> I expect to have problems with XP because it is software
| | Lwc>>> and software and electronics give trouble thats how we make our
| D>> living.
| D>> |
| D>> |
| D>> |
| | Lwc>>> ----- Original Message -----
| D>> |
| | >>>> Hi Robert,
| | >>>>      Windows hasn't worked/been right since the beginning of it's
| | Lwc>>> creation.
| | >>>> Without the updates with XP you couldn't use it for long. Also
| D>> Microsoft
| | Lwc>>> will
| | >>>> provide free phone support for issues related to SP2 problems. They
| D>> appear
| | Lwc>>> to
| | >>>> be fairly knowledgeable as well. So if you have issues related to it
D> be
| | Lwc>>> sure
| | >>>> and contact them. It's been my experience they are willing to help.
D> For
| | Lwc>>> issues
| | >>>> related to SP2 after installation contact a Microsoft specialist at
| D>> (888)
| | >>>> SP2-HELP (772-4357). HTH
| | >>>>          Lindsey
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D> |
D> |
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