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Thanks om des.....info buagus...
Lg ya om,mana tau ada yg cucok

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Dari teman untuk teman...


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Ass. Mas Arie,

Ini email dari temen aku, bs minta tolong kalo ada yang berminat email
aja ke alamat site ini.
Terima kasih ya mas arie,


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Assalamuallaikum Teh .....,

Sesuai dengan pembicaraan ditlp tadi pagi, mohon bantuannya untuk
informasi candidate.

Berikut terlampir adalah specifikasinya


1.   Overview

Provision of services in the form of skilled manpower (Construction) to
support various projects at Underground area.


2.   Project Scope and Performance Requirements

The scope of work is to provide fifty (50) field engineers, skilled and
experienced construction staff, to perform construction services at
jobsite to support various construction projects at Underground area
with detail as follow:


-       Ten (10) Staff Civil 

-       Ten (10) Staff Rigging 

-       Ten (10) Staff Mechanical / Millwright 

-       Ten (10) Staff Pipefitters / Piping

-       Ten (10) Staff Electrical / Instrumentation


The compositions of the grade for each discipline are:

a.      Two (2) Superintendent
b.      Three (3) General Foreman
c.      Five (5) Foreman


Scope of work to be performed by Contractor's Construction staff shall
include but not limited to:

1.      Perform as Project Manager to control the progress of
construction projects at Underground area especially for Underground
2.      Perform as Project Manager to control the safety of construction
projects at Underground area especially for Underground expansion.
3.      Perform as Project Manager to provide technical supervisory,
planning and technical design for construction works to ensure
achievement of quality standard and control utilization of construction
material and other resources to maintain cost awareness and work
schedule compliance to achieve the target at Underground area especially
for Underground expansion.


The basic requirements for these staff construction are minimal bachelor
degree in civil engineering with minimum five (5) years experience in
similar role; good command of the English language; computer literacy;
able to work as a team; and able to work under pressure.


With the deliverables is Project Manager Reports on Construction
projects at Underground area







Jl. Cendrawasih No.6 Timika - Papua

Tlp  : 0901 - 323138

Hp  : 081390198888




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