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Yea, but AIRS don't like me much. Water cooled, subie conversion. VERY DARKSIDE.

JUST KIDDING! I know our hearts are with the people and not the brand.

BTW: There's a castle outside of Austin with a great story behind it. The owner is a castle nut (much like us vw nuts) and was visiting castles in England. As he was touring a certain castle, he noticed a drawing of one that he had never seen before. He talked to the docent, which introduced him to the owner. The owner showed him the (last) blueprint plans of a castle of a most famous architect (of which I have no idea of). It was never built so he convinced the owner to sell him the rights to build the castle as designed. Or so the story goes.


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if you road trip in a vw remember the airs list on type2.com. that is the list of people that will help vw people in a pinch. kinda like tripleA road service but more better. ya know. happy bussing


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