[tcb] Re: so...

yeppers...to bad you couldn't of stayed one more week> Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2007 
14:06:40 -0700> From: nbmdude@xxxxxxxxx> Subject: [tcb] Re: so...> To: 
tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> > Goin' to the Toad Suck show?> --- Brian Denning 
<i_am_cool_fred@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:> > > > > i pulled all the interior out of 
the bus last night> > to run wires for stereo equipment and i discovered> > 
something....> > > > > > i'm a friggin' pack rat. good lord i don't even know> 
> when i aquired some of that crap. i've only been to> > one show and 3 
campouts where in the hell did all> > that stuff come from.> > > > wires ran 
interior goes back in tonight and box for> > subs gets built. 
WHOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! and this weekend> > i'll be going to a vw show in conway and 
camping> > with some friends and then the bus will be taken out> > of service 
for a while. > >> 
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