[tcb] Re: Shopped my 23 Window around the body shops yesterday...

Thanks! I'll check them out. Sachse Hot Rod shop is the real deal but I think 
it might be a bit overkill to go that route. I would still need someone to do 
the interior after dropping all that cash. I am leaning towards trailering it 
up to Sewfine after it's painted.
I have heard of a place called Yo Boys past Lavon recommended by a VW guy in 
Nevada, Tx.
Anyone heard of them?

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I went to Sachse Hot Rod Shop for a 
They wouldn't give me one, all they talked about is 
how far down I want to take it and what there hourly rates were. I ran away 
I just got my bus out of the shop, I used Dallas 
Roadster in Plano TX.
I am very impressed with the work that was 
Rust, body work, paint and they installed my safari 
windows and they did in in just over 30 days.
I would recommend them.

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  around the body shops yesterday...

      .... damn. I went to Sachse Hot Rod Shop http://www.sachserodshop.com/
        they have some top notch restos coming outta there. They want to dip it 
        and quoted me 15-20k for the minimum and 35-40k for the full concourse 
        resto and at least a year...that doesn't include the headliner. I think 
        I need to have a garage sale.

Another option was a collision shop 
        and he wants 10k but that doesn't include the suspension or the powder 
        coating or interior. A friend of mine is impressed with his work but I 
        wasn't able to see any finished projects yesterday. 3 month turn 

The last place we went to was a very nice shop in 
        Lewisville called Dusold. 
I got a 
        good vibe from that place. He will call with an estimate on Monday Min 



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