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Those Harbor Freight panels are not bad, but they are amorphous (sp?) panels which are not very efficient for their size and weight. There are better deals out there - I just bought a panel that is about 24" square and produces about 3 amps, so around 45 watts. Price was in the $150 range. Compare that to the HF panels which are much larger and heavier for the same price. If anyone is interested I can dig through my emails to find the source. Found out about them from Loren on the Wetwesties list. If you want the HF-style panels, I saw similar ones cheap at (of all places) Comp USA! They had two different sizes even and the prices were reasonable. Still relatively heavy and inefficient though. Maybe not a concern if you are using them for a shed, but on a bus there is only so much roof real estate available.


On 1/21/2011 7:24 PM, Justin Wilt wrote:
If you are referring to the small grey VW solar chargers they won't do much. After 6 years at the VW dealer I had a whole closet full of them. They used to come with every new car and were used to help keep a charge on the battery while the car sat at port. I gave most of mine away at VW club meetings and raffles. I think I have about 8 of them left. I don't think they would be too effective at charging a deep cycle battery after being sucked down. The harbor freight kits were on sale last weekend for $159 and you can find 20% coupons online. I usually a set when they go on sale, but I missed this one.
They come with a charge controller and two 5w fluorescent lights. The charge controller has a USB port and 12,9,6 and 3v plugs. There are alot of people using these and plenty of Youtube videos.

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    I haven't found any plugs or any place to plug a solar panel or ac
    or heater or lights inside my "treasure chest " I'll have to look
    into that before Galveston.
    Paul Smith
    Transporters@The Point 8
    October 7,8 and 9 ,2011
    Morgan's Point Resort Texas

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    > I love my refrigerator, but it is a bit power hungry.
    >   I have done my share of primitive.
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    > Why not just be prepared
    > to have a primitive
    > camp.gas lights and stove.everything else can be 12
    > v.
    >    Some of us
    > are not trying to take home
    > with us when we camp.
    > oleblue
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    > Question About Dual
    >   Battery Set-Up And Solar Panels
    >   Hello. I need to get a deep cycle RV
    >         battery for my Westfalia Campmobile. I'm seeing
    > about a gazillion types
    >         with vastly varying prices. ($120-$600!)  Is
    > it really all that
    >         complicated or can I just get the cheap Sears
    > Marine/RV battery?
    >         ($120)
    >   Also, I have noticed a lot of Westies with solar
    >         panels. Why? If they have a campsite with
    > electrical hook-up the battery
    >         can charge itself. If not, the alternator will
    > charge it during a short
    >         drive. I don't get it. Why would anybody want
    > to drop $400 for a solar
    >         panel? (Tell me it isn't just to
    >         be "green".)
    >   Thanks
    >         for your time,...  )< (- (_ (_
    > `(
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