[tcb] Re: 23 Window

Hmmmm!  Does it have a split window in the front?  
I now know the real difference between a bay and a split.  About $190,000!  LOL 

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I have 10 windows. Does that mean Freedom is valued @ $98,000?

Right. Wishful thinking.

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Yep, everybody who has a 23 or 21 better call their insurance agent and 
increase that stated value.

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Wow, good to know my investment is appreciating : ) Not fond of the color BTW

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Well I think my asking price is $ 96,000.00 for my split...Brad

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That's proof that some people have more money than brains!

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Here is a picture of a bus at OCTO/Classic show a few days ago. 
Take a look first then read the rest of the e-mail.
It just sold at the current Barrett Jackson auction now being held in southern 
Guess how much.
Nope.  More.
Nope. More
Would you believe $198,000!


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