TalkSerotek: MainMenu will show SA and Vista voice recognition

This week, during the first hour of Main Menu, we hear a demonstration from 
Brian Hartgen of T&T Consultancy covering the company's new J-Vist product 
support for the speech recognition component of Windows Vista to JAWS users. 
Immediately after Brian's presentation, we hear a demonstration of System
Access working with voice input on Windows Vista from Matt Campbell of Serotek.

During the second hour of Main Menu Live, join our panel of experts (Jeff 
Bishop, Darrell Shandrow, Don Barrett, Randy Knapp and Rick Harmon) and get 
to all of your burning technology questions!

Here is how to participate in the show:

The number to call into the show is 866-400-5333.

You may email your questions to:

You may also interact with the show via MSN (Windows Live) Messenger. The MSN 
Messenger ID to add is:


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