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What have been your experiences with Dial A Ride since the Decentralization of 
the bus system.  It is my understanding that 100 new users have registered and 
been approved for service but there has been no expansion of vehicles or 
drivers and drivers say they are being over booked.  Recently Sila totally 
missed a dentist appointment, had to wait for two hours to get a return trip 
home from a medical appointment and just this morning was picked up 1 hour 
after her scheduled pick up at 7-30 for a two hour medical procedure.
Since Dial A ride starts pickups at 6-30 AM, with in a hour they were already a 
hour behind.

As we all know public transportation has declined in Tallahassee and Leon 
county for the past five years and we also know transportation is a vital 
service for the visually impaired.  I think it is time that the disabled 
community stand up and try to remedy some of our transportation problems and at 
least get it back to what it was five years ago. I propose we start with Dial A 
ride and work our way up to night and non sponsored county service. I am not 
particularly interested in doing this under the guise of TCB or the local NFB 
chapter but as disabled citizens who need a service that is reasonable by 
contacting city and county  commissioners by phone, email and requesting for 
agenda time on both boards.  We can also use media coverage to get there 

Here are the things I think will help as far as Dial A ride is concerned
1 not sure who made this rule but you can not have a dispatcher check on your 
ride until the vehicle is 30 minutes late.  This means if DAR screwed up you 
only have 30 minutes to make your appointment and from my experience you will 
be late.  This needs to be immediately changed to 15 minutes.  The fact that 
you have to wait 20 minutes after your pickup  time to see if you are on the 
schedule must be scrapped.

2 Dial A ride must have at least one vehicle available at all times to deal 
with over books and scheduling changes such as some one not being ready for 
pickup from  a medical appointment.

3 as soon as possible the City needs to acquire vehicles and drivers to meet 
the demands due to decentralization of the bus system.  They created the 
monster so let them pay the price.

4 The city needs to look for a better schedule routing system for more 
efficient scheduling and not allow drivers to be scheduled for more pickups and 
drop offs that aren't physically possible.

5 have the rule changed that allows self inflicted driving privileged 
restricted/DUI people  removed from being able to use Para transit.  Just 
imagine, A drunk driver can cause you to be late for your doctors appointment 
or not be allowed to go grocery shopping.
Folks, this is a serious issue and it is time we stand up and do something 
about it.  I hope you will join me in this indever.  I think the issue can be 
dealt with in the manner I have outlined.  I think we have a few city and 
county commissioners who care and may just not be aware of the problem.  About 
a year and a half ago, a bunch of us went to the city commission meeting and at 
that meeting when I spoke, I gave each commissioner a document of research I 
had done on the Polaris traffic signals and many of you know that is what the 
city is using now so it can work with some effort on your part.  Once we get 
Dial A ride back on track, we can move to the other transportation issues.

Thanks Robert




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