[studiorecorder] Re: update.

The short answer is go to Radio Shack and buy a small mixer allowing you to
mix the sounds before they go in to the sound card.
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> This is a little off the table with regard to StudioRecorder questions,
> can anyone out there give me some direction on how I can record
> simultaneously using both my microphone and background music from a
> tape player.  My sound card in Soundblaster, and it appears I can do one
> the other but not both together.  If you have an answer, please E-mail me
> directly at
> larjo1@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Many thanks.
> Larry Johnson
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>   Hey guys,
>        Thanks so much for the update.  I use tons of marks all the time
> I
>   really appreciate the quicker save feature.  Hope you all had a great
>   holidayh season.
>   Rp

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