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> hello all,
> for anyone looking at the cyberphone it's worth taking a look at an
> alternative called internet phone wizard made by:
> www.actiontec.co.uk
> i have one of these on order and will let you know how well it works once
> i've tested it out.
>  it works in conjunction with your exsisting corded or cordless home
> telephone.
> it costs the same price as the cyberphone but gives you the freedom to use
> skype anywhere around your home and garden using a standard cordless
> below is the description taken from the manufacturers website.
> pete gurney.
> Put the telephone back in Internet telephony! The Actiontec Internet Phone
> Wizard
> combines the best of both worlds - the ease and convenience of your normal
> phone
> and the zero cost of Internet calls. Until now, you had to sit in front of
> your computer
> and wear uncomfortable headsets to make Internet calls. Or you had to
> choose between
> completely separate user experiences between using a normal phone or
> Internet phone.
> The Internet Phone Wizard with Skype makes all of these problems a thing
> the past.
> Simply connect your computer to the Internet, pick up your phone,and begin
> dialing
> as you've always done - without any worry of a huge phone bill. The
> Internet Phone
> Wizard with Skype makes it easy and fun to call any Skype user in the
> for free,
> and everyone else at low SkypeOut rates.
> Key Benefits
> Use Your Normal Phone to Make and Receive Internet Calls
> Making Internet phone calls is free and easy, but it is just too
> to wear
> strange headsets and sit in front of your computer to talk. This is just
> the problem
> the Actiontec Internet Phone Wizard solves. Instead of being restricted to
> unwieldy
> headsets or small microphones in front of the computer, now you can make
> Internet
> calls from anywhere with a cordless or normal phone. You'll still be using
> the Skype
> service and an Internet connection for these calls, the only difference is
> that everything
> will be channeled through the phone instead of the computer speakers.
> Additionally,
> these Internet calls come with superior sound quality and convenience.
> sound
> as good as normal calls with the Internet Phone Wizard's echo-cancellation
> technology
> and excellent voice quality. The calls are also easy to make, with a
> speed-dial feature
> that lets you call your friends by tapping only a couple of keys on your
> phone.
> Use the Same Phone for Internet and Normal Calls
> The Internet Phone Wizard is the world's first device to truly integrate
> Internet
> calls with normal calls. Whether you want to make or receive calls, use
> same
> phone for all your Internet as well as normal calls. This is not only a
> handy feature,
> but it is also very easy to use. When you receive a phone call, the
> Internet Phone
> Wizard automatically detects whether it's an incoming Internet or normal
> phone call
> and switches to that phone mode automatically. You just have to pick up
> start
> talking. When you pick up your phone to make a call, you'll hear a regular
> dial tone
> and it will be ready for normal calls. If you would like to make an
> Internet call,
> a couple of key taps your phone informs Internet Phone Wizard that you
> to make
> Internet calls. In addition, the Internet Phone Wizard comes with a
> patented
> call-waiting feature. When you 're already on a call, you can pick up
> incoming calls
> by just pressing a couple of keys. So whether you would like to use your
> phone for
> Internet or normal calls, switching between the two is as easy as pressing
> a few
> keys on your phone.
> Get a Second Phone Line Absolutely Free
> With Internet Phone Wizard, you no longer have to wait for family members
> to get
> off the phone when you want to make a call. Use the capabilities of the
> Internet
> to create another phone line, for free. The Internet Phone Wizard with
> Skype does
> this without any configuration. And because Internet Phone Wizard lets you
> make calls
> to anyone in the world - whether they're on a computer or a normal phone,
> you can
> call anyone you want, when you want to call them. Now you can call friends
> across
> town, across continents-without tying up phone lines and at no cost
> whatsoever.
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