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> The Feature (Wireless Internet Magazine)
> Tuesday, October 12, 2004
> Mobile Face Recognition Project
> By Frauenfelder
> Frauenfelder's journal:
> The Center for Cognitive Ubiquitous Computing at Arizona State University
is working on a project called the iHumanRecognizer. The idea is to develop
a handheld device to help blind people identify other people next to them.
They could point the device at a person, and the device would consult a
database containing faces of people that person knows. The device would then
announce the name of the person, using either voice or haptics.
> I could imagine such a system being useful for people without impaired
vision, too. I'm bad at remembering names of people I've met, so I'd like to
have a cameraphone that I could use to point at people at social functions.
The phone would transmit the face scan to the database of photos I've taken
of people (each of which are tagged with the person's name and other
information ) and the database would return the person's name to my phone
and I'd hear it announced in my wireless earbud. That would be even better
than the secret wireless prompter that some conspiracists are claiming
President Bush uses.
> http://www.thefeature.com/user/frauenfelder/journalentry?id=1086&ref=-1
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