[SMCC] Re: Download tu Sao Mai Quan

anh cung gap loi nhu cuong ne! nhung chi thinh thoang thoi! Phan lon la toc do 
download tuong doi nhanh. con cu khi nao roi xuong thap la gap loi do ngay. 
Lieu co the con la do mang? Hay do IDM. Cai nay nho anh phuc kiem tra dum nhe!
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  From: Dang Manh Cuong 
  To: smcc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
  Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2008 11:50 PM
  Subject: [SMCC] Re: Download tu Sao Mai Quan

  Van la cai loi hom no em da gui ail len day va co mail rieng cho anh. Em nghi 
loi nay khong phai do may em vi mot so nguoi cung noi voi em la IDM khong cho 
tai. Luc dau tai voi toc do rat thap, chi vai kb /ps, sau thi len duoc vai chuc 
va khoang 70 % thi:
  The data transfer has been interrupted and the server does not support 
"resume". It's 
  only possible to download this file from the beginning.
  There are several possible ways to solve the problem:
  1. It's possible that the server had temporary problems. Try to resume this 
download at 
  a later time.
  2. You can leave this file alone in the queue (create another new queue) and 
start the 
  queue. In this case IDM will retry to download the file from the beginning 
until it 
  downloads the file successfully.
  To achieve the best results, you should also set 1 connection for this site 
in the list of 
  exceptions in IDM "Options->Connection" tab.
  The server sent incorrect reply on restart command.

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  From: Dang Hoai Phuc 
  To: smcc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
  Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2008 10:40 PM
  Subject: [SMCC] Download tu Sao Mai Quan

  Hi moi nguoi,
  Moi nguoi co gap loi download cac tap tin tu trang www.saomaiquan.org khong 
vay? Neu co, moi nguoi co the mo ta cac loi gap phai khi download va gap loi 
khi download file nao dum nha. Thanks.

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