[slackintosh-users] Re: The slackintosh minimal live ( SLAX)

On 1/15/07, Tom Jones <indiestory@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I found this by accident when i thought of creating one myself, and im
wondering how do i go about setting this up on a usb drive?
I think you're referring to
http://workaround.ch/pub/rsync/mb/linux-live?S=N aren't you?
well, the minimal iso is just a test drive for the linux-live script
I've packaged, while wesnothlive is just a kde+wesnoth, made for a
summer lanparty set up some time ago by my LUG (in a italian medieval
castle :D )
It would be really interesting if you're going to made a SLAX ppc,
unfortunately AFAIK there's no way to boot linux/ppc from usb drive as
they aren't recognized by yaboot (however I would be very happy to be
proven wrong :D )

And about the slackintosh version: just prepare a kernel with unionFS
and squashFS and run linux-livve scripts to create your own image.


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