[slackintosh-users] Re: MOL?

Thanks! Just to let you know, I have built some other packages for
Slackintosh. Most of these packages are not included in the official
Slackware distribution. They are here:


Including tetex 3.0, gimp 2.2.7, gqview 2.0.0, ethereal 0.10.11,
postfix 2.2.3, gedit 2.10.2 (with lots of dependency packages),

On Wed, 25 May 2005, Marco Bonetti wrote:

> On 5/25/05, Jingmin (Jimmy) Zhou <jimmy@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Where is the -current tree? It seems nothing is available there
>> except to snapshot iso.
> http://workaround.ch/pub/rsync?S=3DT
> there are mine and john's folders, we upload new packages here :-)
> it's not like real -current but sort of ;-)
> ciao
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