[SI-LIST] Re: off-diagonal resistance and conductance elements

I haven't heard of this B-matrix before.  Do you have any references?


From: "Zabinski, Patrick J." > 
> > With C, if the on-diagonal elements are SELF (not BULK), then the
> > on-diagonal element will change if the coupling conductors 
> > were removed
> > while not disturbing the ground reference.
> > 
> Please correct me if I'm wrong, but...
> Specific to the "C" matrix, several EM tools do not
> output a "capacitance" matrix.  Instead, they output
> an "electrostatic induction" matrix (let's call it
> the "B" matrix), and it's quite common/easy to get 
> them confused.
> Where C11 is considered to be the self capacitance of
> a trace (i.e., capacitance of the trace to the ground
> plane), B11 is the capacitance of the trace to all
> other elements (i.e., planes, traces, etc.) assuming
> they were all at ground potential.
> Where C12 is the mutual capacitance between Trace 1
> and Trace 2, B11 is the negative of that.
> A simple translation is necessary between the two:
>       C11 = B11 + B12 + B13 + ...
>       C12 = -B12
>       C13 = -B13
>       .
>       .
>       .
> Pat
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