[SeniorTech] Have you heard about this Malware DNS CHANGER ?

FYI....not to  cause anxiety, but Jerry said I could pass this along just 
to make you  aware....

I was informed about this malware problem today  from my brother in 
California.  It may cause a concern if you see  future e-mails warning about 
it.  I 
 had not heard of this  problem.  It is EASY to check your computer to see 
if you have it by  reading the first link below.  Some explanations  

I went to check this on  Snopes and they referred people to this site from 
PC Mag.com..  ._**Snopes referral  -Avoid Internet Doomsday: Check for 
DNSChanger Malware Now  |_ 

The easiest check for me to see if I was infected...(and for most  people)

...was about half way down the page there was a section in  bold type that 
says... 'How to Protect Your Connection'.   There is a blue link there 
called 'DNSChanger  EYE  CHART'...and you just click on that.    **If a picture 
comes up with a RED  background, you are infected (or your router is 
infected).....and if  a GREEN background comes up, you are not infected.   
(Fortunately, I am OK.) 
The link my brother sent me has more detailed  information, it you want to 
check that out for any reason.....
 _DCWG | DNS Changer  Working Group_ (http://www.dcwg.org/)  

   Good Luck......Ginny

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