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Thanks for all the effort of the lifters and movers both on the comcast effort 
and the propane ideas. I certainly support both efforts, and thank those for 
including me. I currently use coast gas, and the only advantage I have with 
them, was to negotiate my tank rental down to one dollar a year, good to keep 
in touch with everybody. Now if we could only use our growing clout to get the 
road properly serviced. I am on the upper part of Rodeo Gulch, in a forgotten 

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We would be glad to support a "community effort" to achieve lower gas prices.  
We currently use Coast Gas.  They have serviced us well.  We are on an "Annual 
Account" plan @ $270/mo.  I do not know the price per gallon but will find out 
and let you know.
Donald G. McAlister

(831) 464-1887
(831) 227-6074-cell

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We should start a homeowners propane association like Skyline Propane Users 
Group. They pay about $1/ gal less than the rest of us... Rodeo gulch propane 
homeowners group.


Check out their cost charged by the major propane cos. and compare to your 
cost. It takes the mystery out of this commodity business. 

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On Sep 14, 2011, at 4:40 PM, Bart Teeuwisse <bart.teeuwisse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 

Hi Neighbors,
>we're in the process of selecting a new propane supplier for our
      home. I've called our local suppliers and asked about their prices
      for new customers:
>Company           Website                           Telephone         Tank 
>Rent 1st fill $/Gallon
>Pacific Propane   http://www.pacificpropane.com/   ; (831) 633-5020    
>$90.00    $3.19    $3.19
>Suburban Propane  http://www.suburbanpropane.com/  ; (831) 438-2004    
>$75.00    $2.49    $2.99
>AmeriGas          http://amerigas.com/             ; (831) 438-3400    
>$49.00    $2.69    $3.73
>Dassel's          http://www.dassels.com/          ; (831) 426-4624    
>$70.00    $2.85    $2.98
>Coast Gas         http://www.coastgas.com/         ; (831) 724-3200    
>$55.00             $3.27
>Suburban and Dassel's stand out for their low prices. Before I
      make the swith I'd like to hear your feedback on your supplier.
      Anyone here using either Suburban or Dassel's? Are you happy with
      them? Your feedback will help shape our decision.
>Bart Teeuwisse // =bartt // (831) 480-5106
>twitter: bartt // linkedin: bartt

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