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 Is Ethernet a service provided like Hughes Net?




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FYI I recently got Ethernet after another neighbor's recommendation - my 
connection is extremely fast and reliable.  
It is radio transmission from Loma Prieta - so it requires visual connection to 
Loma Prieta - which I don't have - but my neighbor does so we put the receiver 
on his house and a repeater to mine.  I believe that one receiver can service 
about a dozen sites -
I am the first house on Ponza - and the receiver is on the house above me so 
anyone with a view of this house (even thru some trees) can be added to our 
group without slowing us down.  I am sure that there are other similar 
situations in the valley that could set up a similar receiver.  
Feel free to call or email if any of you have any questions about this.
Andy 479 5410 

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 Wait a minute, I have never heard of Covad. Is this something only government 
employees get?  I always thought Hughes net, Surf Net  and Blue Shy were our 
only options ...$25 a month the others are $50 to $90 for low speed internet.




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