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Supervisor Leopold was the first to suggest a CSA? When did he do that?

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We are interested too.
I teach my dance classes on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, so that is out for 
Again, thank you all for this wonderful community. 
Marianna and Freddie Mejia

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Last week I met with public works engineer Joel   Lacagnin.  He's experienced, 
but relatively new to the department and had   yet to personally drive North 
Rodeo Gulch.  We did so from top to bottom,   noting issues big and small.

The slide at PM 4.75 is the clear priority   with engineering and permits in 
process -- the plan is to get the repairs done   in the summer of 2013 with a 
vague hope of getting it done before next   winter.  That sounds unlikely with 
creek-proximity  permits being   the gating issue.

My main message to engineer Lacagnin was the general   poor condition of the 
road.  His push back sited a lack of money.    From what he said, and recent 
Sentinel articles, I've learned that the county   has something like $2.5 
million to spend each year on County road maintenance   -- versus $12 to $15 
million required.  In addition there's a $300   million maintenance backlog for 
county roads!  It seems clear that road   conditions, especially on rural 
roads, will get worse before they get   better.

There's a current push to get $10 tacked onto Santa Cruz County   vehicle 
registrations.  That would add a paltry $2 million to the   equation and, if 
past is prologue, even this timid proposal may not survive at   the ballot box.

Where does that leave us?  We can scrap for a   bigger share of a limited pie 
of maintenance funds.  To do this we have   the ear of Supervisor John Leopold, 
but even best case results seem   modest.  

Or we can simply live with a deteriorating roadway   expecting emergencies to 
be dealt with.

Or, because this seems like a   long-term problem that won't be going away in a 
year or two, a third   possibility would be to explore the County Service Area 
(CSA) idea.    Basically, this is the NRG community adding to baseline 
maintenance funds to   improve our road.  We get the benefits of a better road 
and, maybe,   improved overall property values.

The CSA idea was first suggested by   Supervisor Leopold -- and he bas offered 
to hold a meeting with us to explain   and explore this issue.  I'd expect a 
side benefit of this meeting would   be to let him know that the NRG community 
cares about this issue and we need   his help!

Like the overwhelming turnout we got to meet with Leopold   about getting 
broadband internet, I propose that we do it again for a better   road.  With 
interest I'll get a meeting set up with Supervisor Leopold to   explain and 

Interested?  Hit   REPLY.


Eric   Rupp
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