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Pete, For all intents and purposes you need go no further than Sage Lane as
there are no more N Rodeo Gulch addresses past Sage. Thanks Kevin


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I've started working on the online map from gis and it's a good source of
info for counts but not addresses.I've made a list of counts by street name
but need some guidance on just which streets are included in this.


First question is - do I stop where Rodeo Gulch joins Mountain View Road?
The map is a little confusing because it shows Rodeo Gulch curving off to
the East and becoming Laurel Gulch.  Don;t know if that area is part of this
or not, but I stopped at Mountain View Road.


Rodeo Ridge Road.  There are several street along there that eventually end
up on Hilltop Road and then on to Old San Jose Road.  I've included Yardarm
Ct, Bowline Ct., Mainsail Place, Transom Ct but nothing from Panorama Drive


I also notice quote a few streets that come over from Old San Jose but don;t
actually join up with Rodeo Gulch, mainly just a little East of Sage Lane
(Aurora Road is the main one).  ANyone know if they have cable?


The preliminary count I have is 362, way more than Comcast's estimate, which
makes me want to double check it.  I know I've included some of the streets
that already have cable but I need to go back through the list to see which
streets they were.  Is there an archive for the list somewhere?


The GIS maps have a fairly large number of unnamed roads on them so I also
want to find their names if possible.


AFter I've double checked, maybe if I send out a sample of the counts I have
for some of the streets and people could verify if the numbers I have are









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