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That's why a map would be helpful. Suppose you begin your hike near Paul Sweet 
Road, below Chaminade, and proceed along the trail beside the creek...washed 
out in several places. Eventually you will reach a point near the head of the 
creek where the trail branches. The left-most branch eventually dead-ends in 
heavy undergrowth.If you take the right-most branch you cross the creek and the 
trail branches again.

At this point, the right-most branch proceeds steeply up the hillside and near 
the summit intersects another trail. If you turn right on that trail, you can 
return to Chaminade by a pleasant trail along the hillside. If you turn left 
the trail eventually ends on private property, before La Cima.

Returning to the creek, the left-most branch proceeds up the hillside and 
emerges on La Cima, just behind a turnout where the residents put garbage cans 
for pickup.

So I guess there are two trailheads...the one at the turnout on La Cima, and 
the one on the "summit" trail leading back to Chaminade. Which of these is the 
plan discussing?


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Please call me as we own the property on La Cima and Hidden Valley which is the 
trail head there.  No one has discussed this plan with us and we have some 
legitimate liability concerns especially with the notion of opening this up to 
such a large number of people.  You can Girard this to the other gentleman.

Sara Winterburn

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Dear Neighbors,

our neighbor Rich Gellert at the end of Suncrest Dr (near the top of Hidden 
Valley Rd) started an excellent initiative to restore an old trail from 
Suncrest Dr down to the Chaminade. This trail needs widening and clearing of 
poison oak, stinging nettle and brambles. Rich has created a fund to pay a crew 
to do the work in about 4 days. He and his foreman budgeted the project at 

Fourteen (14) families along Hidden Valley Rd have already pledged $100 each to 
the fund. I'd thought I post this to a wider set of neighbors as I know that 
many of you hike in our neighborhood. The Ponza Ln - Hidden Valley Rd - N Rodeo 
Gulch Rd for example is a popular loop. This new trail opens up the possibility 
to hike from Ponza Ln to the Chaminade and back.

If you like the support this initiative I urge you to get in touch with Rich 
Gellert by email at 
info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx<mailto:info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> or by phone 
477-1968 (home). I sincerely hope that this is the beginning of a network of 
hiking trails in our valley.

I'd like to end this email with Rich's description of the project.
I have a couple of very hard working people that help me with various projects 
around my land. My lead guy, Miguel, is an amazing worker and very honest and 
dedicated. I could ask him to round up 2 others that are not allergic to poison 
oak for a couple days of trail work. I will provide all equipment as well as 
food and drinks. I will lead the expedition along with them and we will spend 
four 8 hour days clearing trail. We can get a lot done in that time. I can 
create 2-3 access points for the trail network off Hidden Valley and Suncrest 
and once complete post maps to everyone. We could even put up mile markers on 
signs and posts.

I pay my lead guy, Miguel, $18 an hour and the others $15 an hour. So the total 
for labor for four 8 hour days of work would be $1536. Add $100 for food for 
the 4 days and the grand total would be $1636. I will provide my services for 
free as well as gas, oil, chains, etc..... If just 16 families put $100 in each 
we could have it done. Or fewer families could put up more $$ to achieve the 
goal. Either way it's not a lot to ask for a huge potential gain.  We would 
have a 6 foot wide trail free of poison oak, brambles, nettle and mainly 
ticks...... My goal would be to rake the cut up brush and branches and get down 
to the dirt so we can start packing it down and creating a real trail!

If everyone agrees please confirm to this email and reply to all. You could 
send or drop off the checks or cash to me at 210 Suncrest Drive, Soquel, CA 
95073 and once I have the funds I will begin the project.

This seems like the simplest and most efficient way to do things as opposed to 
trying to coordinate people's schedules and take time out of people's weekends. 
So what do you all think?

Oh, very important: most of the trails are either on my land, Chaminades, or 
the corridor along Arana Creek that belongs to the city or county. There may be 
a few bits that are on private land but only on the fringes and away from 
houses so no one would be bothered.

Thanks for your time and here's to happy hiking!!!
Bart Teeuwisse // =bartt<http://bit.ly/thecodemill> // (831) 480-5106
twitter: bartt<http://bit.ly/bartt-twitter> // linkedin: 

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