[riscosweb] Re: Browsers not responding to charset=ISO-8859-2

On 13 Nov, Russell Hafter - Lists <rh_lists@xxxxxxxx> wrote:


> Orpheus internet tells me that the server is upposed to work
> in exactly the way I suggested - the  ISO-8859-1 header is
> meant to be a default, but allowing itself to be overriden
> by my charset=ISO-8859-2 declaration.

> But it clealy is not happening.

> Paul Vigay is investigating...

Assuming Orpheus uses Apache servers, it should be possible to force the
charset using .htaccess, either file by file or directory by directory.

http://httpd.apache.org/docs/1.3/mod/mod_mime.html and links therefrom
may help?


Brian Jordan
From somewhere in North Hampshire. England. UK.

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