[USS Renaissance] The Appointed Place

The Appointed Place
by Sorrean of Vulcan and Awapuhi Kaleohano
**follows right after 'Monkey Shines'
 ***warning***This contains adult  content***  
Sorrean found few things more satisfying than a well ordered room.   His 
belongings were now safely stored in the most appropriate places, even the  
carving Diel had done him once had pride of place in the centre of his  
coffee table.  As he lowered himself to the soft sofa, he considered the  
thing: a pair of dancers in the throws of one of the more intimate  embraces of 
a Latin dance.  Boah'diel had told him the male was himself and  the female 
was whomever he chose to dance out his life with.  He kept it  purely for the 
talking point and because his friend and chosen brother would be  offended if 
did not.
The cabin wasn't anywhere near what Awa might have considered a home away  
from home but, at the very least, boxes and crates were sorted and there was 
 deck visible.  There was that and the fact that Poki was now appropriately  
and securely housed in his cage.  She'd also erected an invisible force  
field, not quite trusting the capuchin to stay where he should.  
Then, it was a question of what to wear.  What exactly did one wear to  
dinner and dancing with somebody they probably ought not to be dancing  with?  
finally settled on a long soft skirt with a blue on blue  flowered print and 
only a tiny fish hook necklace.  "Behave yourself,  Poki," she warned as she 

"Computer, I require soft waltzing music,"  Sorrean said as he tapped his 
lips in thought.  "I find Complainte De La  Butte quite easy to dance to."  At 
his command, the soft, French music  gently played.  He gave a nod then said, 
"You may stop until my..." my  what?  He highly doubted the Human word 'date' 
was entirely proper for his  commanding officer, and yet he found himself 
preferring it.  "Until my  companion arrives."
The corridors of the ship were still more or less empty but it was shaping  
up.  Awa found herself smiling in anticipation.  Once won't hurt, she  told 
herself.  I wonder if Menkara was ever quite so genial.  I  sincerely doubt it. 
She was still smiling when she pressed his door  chime.

The moment the chime sounded so the music struck up just as he'd  requested.  
Instead of simply calling out, he rose gracefully to his feet  and opened the 
door manually.  "Good evening, Awapuhi.  Please, come  in."
"Thank you," she said softly, tilting her head curiously as she  listened.  
"Very pretty.  What is it?"

"A french waltz called  Complainte De La Butte, it means Lament of  
Montmartre."  Stepping back so she could enter, he let the door  close.  "I 
find the 
rhythm the most... appealing of all  dances."
"It's lovely," she told him.  "So you're well versed in more than just  Latin 
dance then?"

"I am a student of all dance," he admitted  easily.  "I find it a fascinating 
study of a species to know the dances of  the people."
"That seems reasonable enough.  It's the same as studying a language  or 
another form of art," she supposed.  She glanced about, shaking her head  
ruefully.  "You've done a much better job of straightening up than I  have."

"Fewer possessions I would imagine," he said with a hint of a  smirk.  "May I 
get you a drink?"
"Something...pretty," she said wryly.  "I'm tired of looking at bland  PADDs 
and reports.  I'm glad you invited me, Sorrean.  This might have  been a very 
dull evening otherwise."

"A pretty drink?" he mused, almost  but not quite smiling as he wandered to 
the replicator.  He ordered her a  tequila sunrise as it was the most 
aesthetically pleasing drink he knew and  himself a glass of chilled water.  
"Does this 
meet with your approval?" he  asked as he offered it to her.
"Very pretty!" she replied, eyes twinkling.  "Of course I should have  known 
a man who can dance would also have a fine sense of esthetics.   Synthol, of 

He inclined his head, both in acceptance of the  illogical compliment (at 
least, he assumed from his experience of Humans that  that was how she had 
it) and at her assertion that the drink was, in fact,  non-alcoholic.  "I do 
not drink alcohol myself and so I do not own  any.  I apologise.  I could call 
Diel, he will have some, I am almost  sure."

"No, you don't have to do that.  I only meant that it ought to be  synthetic 
because the real deal is much too strong.  I hardly drink real  alcohol and it 
tends to make me sick when I do," she admitted.  She sipped  the drink and 
smiled at him again, wondering why she would admit such a thing to  a man she 
barely knew.  "It tastes just fine though."

"I am pleased  then," he nodded as he held his glass tightly between his 
large hands.   Nervousness was not something he was accustomed to.  Whoever had 
heard of a  nervous Vulcan?  He almost snorted though he managed to keep his 
face as  still as he could.  "Would you care to eat before we start our 
experiment?"  he asked, forcing his voice to remain still.

"I'd like that," Awa said easily enough though she was sure her pulse was  
fluttering just a bit.  Don't be silly, Awa, she chided herself  mentally.  
because he's a good looking man?  Or because he's  intelligent and apparently 
rather graceful?  She put the drink down on a  protected surface then looked 
at him expectantly.  "Your student is  ready."

Offering out his hand, he stepped closer to her.  "Computer,  play Sorrean 
Samba number three."  His eyes were actually dancing as he  took her hand.  "Do 
you know how to dance?" he asked as the rhythmic beat  started around them.
"Only hula," she admitted with a small self conscious smile as she took his  
hand, wrapping her fingers around it.  "It's not a contact sort of  dance."

"Then this will be a new experience for you..."  Drawing her  into the middle 
of the room where he had cleared a space, he placed a hand in  the middle of 
her back.  "Computer, slow tempo by one half."  Then he  held her eyes.  "It 
is a simple dance of a rhythm of  short-short-long.  Here, let me show you."  
He guided her gently into  the first few moves to the music that was slow and 
Though she didn't lack for grace, Awa had to let him lead.  There was  no way 
she was going to let herself step on his feet.  After those first  few steps, 
she looked up at him with a warm smile.  "So far, so good I  think," she 
stated.  Those eyes are so warm, she mused.  Whoever said  Vulcans lacked 

"A little faster perhaps?" he asked before telling  the computer to up the 
tempo by a quarter.  He eased her into the swifter  pace, his strong hands 
guiding her through the steps.  He forced himself  not to lose himself in the  
music, he doubted a beginner would keep up with  him.  Instead, he pulled her a 
little tighter against him and for just a  moment let himself enjoy the feeling 
of holding her.
It was like liquid poetry.  That was the only was she could think of  the way 
he moved and how he was guiding her through the steps.  "This is  wonderful," 
she said, her face flushed.  "Who did you dance with in the  competition?"

"My partner's name was Rachel Doherty," he said simply  before asking the 
computer to up the tempo again.  This time, he altered  their motion slightly, 
moving more around the room as opposed to only on the  spot.
"She must have been equally talented," Awa said a bit breathlessly.   "I have 
to seem an awful klutz in comparison."

"She was experienced," he  corrected.  "You are new to this.  It took us many 
months before we  could dance together easily.  It is, I have observed, the 
tendancy of  Humans and other emotional races to underestimate Vulcans and our  
abilities.  She kept trying to lead."
At that, Awa laughed brightly.  "How many trounced toes did that lead  to?"

"None!" he huffed.  "I am an expert dancer.  I simply  informed her that she 
needed to let her expectations grow and until they did we  would not dance.  
It took a while but she finally believed me."  With  that, he dipped Awa, 
leaning right over her and letting his eyes travel all the  way up her form.
She hadn't expected the dip and, by reflex, she held tighter to him.   My God 
but he's gorgeous, she told herself and she felt her face warm  slightly.  
"And she was obviously not disappointed," she stated, breathing  in his unique 
scent at that close range.

"I have no idea," he  admitted.  He held her there, in that embrace, simply 
because he seemed to  enjoy seeing her like that.  "She seemed appreciative 
when we won the  cup."
"Well that's just very mercenary, though--to dance with you just to  win.  
Maybe I'm just not suited for that sort of competition," she said,  still 
holding onto him even as she realized it was a bit too close than was  proper 
for XO 
and officer.

Slowly, he lifted her back to her feet but  instead of returning to the 
dance, he simply let his arms surround her.   "That is the way of many people," 
observed.  "I could never imagine you  doing something purely to win."  His 
arms held her as tightly as he dared,  his logic screaming at him that this was 
inappropriate as the part of him that  danced, the part that liked his long 
hair and smiled occasionally, told him that  this felt too right not to.
"Not in that way--no," she said softly.  Common sense screamed that  she 
should let go of him or that they should continue dancing.  The rest of  her 
quietly telling common sense to shut its mouth because it felt too  entirely 
good to be held by him.  "It used to give me trouble in my career  until people 
realized there were other ways to get things done."

His  smile was small, brief but warm.  "A wise woman," he noted.  He set  his 
nose in her hair and inhaled, finding the scent pleasing.  "A good  trait for 
a commander."

Awa tilted her chin up and slightly stood on the balls of her feet.   She was 
close enough to kiss him and she did so without planning to.  It  was soft 
and quick and her face flushed bright red under her tan as soon as she  
what she'd done.  "Oh, I am so sorry," she said quickly.   "That was very 
wrong of me."

Sorrean's colour rose to an emerald that  matched her scarlet.  He coughed 
slightly but didn't move away.  "That  was not unpleasant," he observed softly, 
drawing her even closer to him.   "Do not apologise for something that I had 
intended on doing myself."  As  he said it, he touched his lips to hers.
He was warm and soft, tasting of an alien spice as Awa deepened the kiss  
just slightly.  "I didn't think that Vulcans...are you allowed to do this?"  
asked softly, still so close that her breath was warm on his  cheek.

"Allowed?" he almost laughed.  "I am my own master bar those  that Starfleet 
gives me.  I allow myself to do as I please in areas that  cannot be dictated 
by the law of my profession."  To prove it, he kissed  her again, tangling his 
hand in her hair as the other stroked her waist.
That hadn't been what she'd meant but it satisfied her need for an  answer.  
She supposed that, if there were more to it, he would have said  so.  She 
pressed herself to him as she lost herself in his kiss, nipping  slightly at 
lip and reaching to trace the outline of his ears.

He  easily lifted her from her feet, carrying her to the couch, where he 
pulled her  onto his lap.  Not once, though, did he break the kiss.  His body  
shuddered as she played with his ears.  What fire was this that drove him  so?
She had no time to be surprised at how easily he lifted her.  She was  no 
twig of a woman yet he'd taken her in his arms so easily.  Even as he  kissed 
still, the hand that had been tracing his ears, trailed to the skin  on his 
neck, feeling the more rapid Vulcan pulse under warm skin.  Idly, it  drifted 
to his chest, feeling the outline of well toned dancer's  muscles.

Gently, he stroked her thighs.  Elegant fingers tickled  down her legs as he 
released her lips and sat back for air.  His free hand  pulled at the tie on 
his hair, letting it flow around his face.  "What is  it you do to me?" he 
asked huskily.
"Beautiful," she murmured as she fingered the ends of the black silkiness  of 
his hair.  She looked into his eyes, seeing a fire that mirrored her  own.  
"What do you want me to do?  I can leave if you'd like, if I'm  making you 

"I want..."  He blinked, only once, in  confusion.  What he wanted was such a 
mess in his mind.  "My logic  wants... needs you to go...  But I..."  He held 
her tighter, making  sure she didn't move.  "I want you to stay.  I... I 
admit to confusion  as to these feelings, Awapuhi."
Her hands lowered, resting themselves on his muscular legs.  "My own  logic 
says this is a bad idea simply because of my position on the ship.  I  wouldn't 
want to jeopardize your friendship with Diel, either.  It's been  there too 
long," she said quietly.  "I also have to confess that I don't  know anything 
about Vulcan custom in this sort of situation."

"There is  little custom to cover this," he admitted.  "My... cycle is not 
for another  year yet.  I would not wish you to be a witness to that.  It 
 his cheeks grew darker as he lowered his eyes, "barbaric.  If you wish to  
leave, I will not stop you, Awapuhi."
"I don't want to leave," she said, shaking her head very slowly, reaching  to 
stroke his cheek with the back of her hand.  "I want nothing that will  make 
you uncomfortable or embarrass you."

His eyes flickered closed and  he tentatively reached up a hand to brush very 
lightly at her breast.   "Stay, I wish for you to stay."
Her breath caught in her throat, that tentative touch more sensuous than  
anything she'd ever felt.  "So I'll stay then," she murmured, lifting a  hand 
that she could trace his ears again.

"That," he almost  purred, "is the most pleasant feeling I have ever felt."  
Soft fingers  dipped inside the top of her dress to stroke the supple skin at 
the top of her  breasts.  He leaned forward and placed a delicate kiss at the 
base of her  neck.
Her smile was almost impish then as she continued to touch his ears,  leaning 
closer to him as he touched her.  "You're very handsome," she  whispered in 
his ear.  "Very sexy."

He actually smirked at  her.  "I have never been called that before," he said 
with a slight chuckle  in his voice.  Slipping the straps of her dress down, 
he licked a line of  wetness over the very rise of her breasts.
"Mmm....don't stop" she breathed.  "You are very sexy though.   The total 
package of brains and beauty is very powerful...oh, please...don't  stop.  That 
feels so good."

Pushing her dress down, he flicked open  her bra then cupped each breast in 
turn, rubbing the nipples with his  thumbs.  It was an exploration, the logical 
part of him decided.   Simply a way to learn anatomy.  The passion snorted as 
it relished the feel  of soft, female flesh against his cheek.
Awa leaned back so that he could have as much freedom as he wanted, her  
hands tightening through his long hair.  She shuddered at his touch,  relishing 
the sensations he was arousing. 

Suddenly his passion increased  tenfold, his blood so hot as if it would boil 
in his very veins.  "No..."  he gasped as he felt himself harden with pure, 
unadulterated longing, "too  soon..."  He kissed her fervently, his need, his 
attentions increasing in  power.
Awa gasped at the sudden increase in intensity yet she didn't pull  away.  
She could feel his full length pressing against her and his face was  suddenly 
very flushed.  "Sorrean...?"

Letting out a slow, shaky  breath, he forced himself back.  "Pon farr..." he 
rasped.  "It's  early... I have to mate.... or die..."  He felt himself 
actually cry and it  shamed him but he couldn't stop it.  "I am sorry..."
"Shhh...." she said softly, brushing a tear away from his burning  cheek.  "I 
don't want you to die, Sorrean.  Please don't."

He  was shaking now with the restrained need to take her.  It was all he 
could  do not to become the animal.  "You don't... understand...  We bond  
the pon farr...  Run," he whispered desperately.  "I would not  force my 
thoughts on you...  Lock the door behind you..."
"Sorrean," she said calmly, settling a hand on either side of his face so  
that she could look into his burning eyes.  It was pure animal lust she saw  
there, not the keen intelligence that had been there earlier, but she didn't  
flinch.  "I will not abandon you like an animal to die alone.  I trust  you."

His fingers found her psi-points automatically.  "I'm sorry,"  he rasped as 
he connected to her mind.  "My mind.... to your mind..."   His other hand was 
already pulling up her skirt.  What little of him that  was left was thoroughly 
humiliated but it was soon totally gone, crushed beneath  the lust.
Lust like she felt in that touch was not gentle but it didn't mean that it  
had to completely humiliate the man.  Awa quietly reached to unzip her  dress 
so that it would fall away easier and she leaned into his touch.  She  wanted 
the touch, wanted to feel him.  She didn't know if a psi touch would  even 

For a moment, the touch of her thoughts was a cooling balm  to his passions 
and he let himself sink into it.  ~~Do not let me force  you~~ he begged as his 
nature started to take over again.  And yet that  touch of minds let him go 
slower, gentler.  He could be rational for just a  while and he let her know 
just how much he, as a man, not a beast, wanted her as  he gently kissed her 
played over her soft skin down to her panties.
~~You won't force me~~ she said as softly as she could.  ~~Look at the  
beaches we have where I come from.  The water's so very cool and  comfortable 
on a 
hot day.  Come with me.~~

She was right...  He  sank down into those waters, pulling her to him as the 
water lapped around  them.  Letting out a sigh, he eased down her panties.  
Somehow she was  taking the edge from his blood fever.  Somehow she was the 
to the  heat.  ~~You are saving me~~  There was awe in his words.
~~We are~~she told him even as she did what she saw she needed to do.   The 
image of the cool lagoons of Kauai took the heat from his thoughts but it  was 
still within him and she reached to stroke his hardness, smiling  
appreciatively at his size.  ~~The sea is the source of life  there.~~

He groaned with need, pushing against her, into her hand.   His fingers found 
her own wetness and rubbed slowly, delicately.  ~~Even  you are cooling~~ he 
breathed as he drew in her scent.  ~~Thank you for  helping me~~
Awa moaned at his touch, pushing herself closer to him.  She wanted  him, 
needed him, but she wanted him to have control as long as he could.   Pride 
have been illogical but it was a large part of the Vulcan  mystique.  ~~You 
are beautiful, Sorrean.  You don't frighten  me.~~

He tickled inside her as he kissed her but it was driving him  closer to the 
edge of his control again.  ~~May I?~~ he asked as he arched  toward her, 
slipping his fingers out.
"Please..." she moaned, parting her legs to give him better access.   ~~I 
want you, Sorrean.  You won't hurt me.  I trust you.~~

He  slid into her slowly, his sigh of content long and deep.  As he built up 
a  rhythm inside her, he stroked down her thighs, tickling all the while.   
~~By Vulcan, you are a gift~~
Awa arched her back toward him.  He might have been unsure and afraid  but he 
knew just what to do.  She bit her lip to keep from crying out in  sheer 
delight but there was no hiding it from him with the mind touch.  Nor  could he 
keep his feeling from her.  It was overwhelming and  intoxicating.  ~~A gift 
unlooked for but you are not unwelcome.~~   "Oh, god, don't stop...."

"Never," he groaned.  He increased the  passion of their movements just as he 
slipped one finger back between them to  stroke her just lightly.  The 
coolness of the lagoon left him capable of  doing things for her, yet the 
and need was still there.
Awa cried out, her whole body shaking as the climax took her, wave after  
wave washing over them.  ~~Perfect...you are absolutely  perfect...~~~

He filled her, emptying himself and his passions inside  her.  Burying his 
face in the crook of her neck, he felt himself cry softly  again.  ~~Thank 
you...  Awapuhi...  My saviour~~
She knew it was only the beginning, that he was nowhere near sated of  his 
blood fever, but Awa felt deliciously fulfilled. She opened her eyes and  
the tears from his face with tiny soft kisses, stroking his wildly  
disarrayed hair as she did.  ~~ I am here for thee, Sorrean: we have met at  
appointed place and time.~~

Holding her as gently as he could, he  rose to his feet and carried her to 
the bedroom.  ~~In this place our  thoughts and bodies are one~~  He laid her 
the bed, sinking down next to  her and nuzzling against her neck.  ~~Bonded: 
never and always touching and  touched~~

Slowly, he started kissing her again.  His hands moved  over her, seemingly 
fascinated by her every curve.  It was as if he was  memorising her, burning 
her into his mind for the time when she would no longer  share his bed.
She wondered if Vulcan women fought this, if it was as shameful to them as  
it seemed to be to the men.  To her it was a beautiful, joyful experience  and 
Sorrean's touch was sparking every little bit of desire in her.  She  reached 
to gently stroke his hair and shoulders, telling him, ~~This is  wonderful.  
You are wonderful.~~

Cool spring rain on his face let  him smile at her.  ~~You have done for me a 
wonderous thing.  I will  never forget this, I swear.  When we call the 
priestesses to help us break  the bond, I will tell them of the great honour 
have done me~~  Gentler  this time, he eased into her, cradling her against his 
chest.  If he could  make the blood fever last forever, he was sure he would 
just to keep her with  him.  He knew she could feel that in him too and it 
still shamed him: that  he could wish to enslave her to his mind, to bond her 
She traced the curve of his smile with one finger but her own was a bit  sad. 
 ~~Is there...were you promised as a child then?~~

~~No, my  parents do not approve of that ritual.~~  The sadness in her eyes 
confused  him.  He had expected relief to know this was temporary.  ~~I am  
unbonded.  I managed my first pon farr through meditation.  The glory  of you 
brought on my second.~~  As he moved in her, he held her close to  him and 
sighed.  ~~I would keep thee, Awapuhi, but I know I must not for  your sake~~
"Why?" she asked aloud. stroking his features as if to memorize them.   She 
pressed her head to his shoulder.  "What's so wrong?"

"Me," he  whispered hoarsely.  "I am all wrong.  I..."  He groaned, filling  
her up for the second time.  Collapsing against her, he sagged.  "I am  not 
what you deserve."  ~~If you want a Vulcan, choose a man with  restraint, a man 
who will treat you with the respect you deserve.~~  "Look  at me, Awapuhi... I 
did not even have the strength to treat you like a  woman."
She shuddered at his release, holding him to her as he sagged against  her.  
"I am looking at you," she said softly.  "I have been.  If  I know your nature 
and accept it, I walk into this with eyes and heart wide  open."  ~~You 
haven't treated me wrongly at all.~~

"What if this  turns to love, Awapuhi?  Will you accept that weakness from 
me?  Will  you turn from me because I am not as strong a Vulcan as I should 
 ~~I  have passion in me and I fear it~~
"If it turns to that then it will be more than welcome, Sorrean.  I  don't 
judge people on their outsides.  I make my decisions on what I see  here," and 
she pressed her hand to his heart, "and in their minds."    ~~The first part of 
conquering fear is admitting it exists.  You don't have  to fear passion.  
Control it or express it.~~

His hands held hers to  his chest and he kissed her forehead so softly.  "Ai, 
what a fool I  am..."  Yet he still cuddled her in the short time he had as a 
respite from  the fever.  ~~I will never find another so understanding as 
you, my  Awapuhi~~
~~Then please don't look~~  She could feel the fire in him had banked  for a 
moment or two yet his skin was still burning hot.  She kept the cool  image of 
Kauai's beaches in her mind as she planted a tiny kiss on that emerald  
tinged skin.  "You're no fool.  You're Sorrean and just as you're  supposed to 

Confusion filled his eyes as he stared deep into  hers.  "You want to stay 
bonded to me?  To remain as we are despite  how hard it will be?"
"If any of us wanted life to be easy, we wouldn't have joined Starfleet,"  
she began, gently stroking his cheeks across where tears had dried.  "I  think 
you'd be worth any obstacle we'd face."

He smiled for her then,  almost laughed at the unexpected joy he felt.  These 
feelings...  They  were intense to a level he hadn't expected.  His 
meditations during his  previous pon farrs had been so intense that he had 
memory of the feelings  he'd endured during those times.  "I would have you as 
wife, Awapuhi,"  he admitted softly.
"Then you will," she said simply, again tracing that smile.  "This is  a 
beautiful smile.  You are who you are and I know that but will you at  least 
for me when we are alone?  If the fancy strikes you  to?"

The smile widened, blossomed into something that lit his whole  face.  "I 
will smile for my k'diwa.  Do not be offended if I do not  show you affection 
public, though.  I promise there will be enough in  our home that it will make 
up for it."
She kissed him softly.  "I understand,  
ku`u ipo.  It's the inside that counts.  Your inside is beyond  comparison."

His fever was growing again and it still shamed him that he  could make such 
a beautiful moment into something debased.  "I need you..."  he whispered just 
before he kissed her insistently, his hands already stroking  her body still 
slick with sweat.

~~I am yours,~~ she whispered as she wrapped her legs around him, pulling  
him into her. 

The way they fit together so perfectly thrilled him as he  started moving 
once more inside her.  His lips found her nipple and he  tickled it with his 
Awa moaned in sheer delight.  She knew it had to be part of the pon  farr 
that heightened her sensitivity but she didn't care.  It felt so  damned good.  
She moved her hips to meet his thrusts, wanting him but also  making it easier 
for him.  ~~You are all...~~

~~K'diwa...~~   His fingers pinched lightly at her other nipple, feeling it 
harden further under  his ministrations.  His pulse skipped harder and he 
thrust into her with a  drive he hadn't experienced before.  The fever was 
its peak and  what little control he had was gone now.
Awa could no longer count how many times he brought her to a peak as the  
moments all blended into one.  Through the bond, she felt that he sensed  
but pure lust and drive.  She took that in and hoped that, later,  he would 
sense the acceptance and joy.  Even still, she knew there would be  thin 
emerald lines across his back where she clutched at him.

As he  exploded inside her, he let out a howling yell and shuddered 
violently.   Sense was flooding back into his mind and he knew the worst was 
over.  The 
 rest of the blood fever would wear off over the rest of the night with 
gentle  love-making.  "Did I..." he whispered though his voice cracked.  ~~Are  
She shook her head slowly and smiled up at him through hooded lids.   
~~Never.  You could never hurt me~~  This was him now.  The all  encompassing 
lust was almost gone from those haunted eyes.  She stroked  his cheeks in a 
comforting gesture.  "ku`u ipo, you are  yourself."

"I am," he whispered.  "And I am still ashamed.  I  am a poor ambassador for 
my people."
"No," she said in soothing tones, still stroking his hair, "I really don't  
think so.  You know your faults and admit to them.  That's logical as  opposed 
to those who can only point out flaws in others."

"I am not a  logical being," he admitted though it was a wrench.  It had once 
been his  dearest wish to attain the ultimate state of Kolinahr.  Now, he 
knew, it  was a dream, one he had to set aside.  He let a smile touch his lips 
he  caught her hand and twined his fingers with hers.  "But I am yours."
"More logical than you think I'm sure," she said, her own smile matching  
his.  "You're perfect as you are, Sorrean."

He lifted her hand and  placed a delicate kiss on her fingers.  "We will 
marry," he said  firmly.  "Until that day, though, we must be careful.  You are 
 Commander, I am merely a Lieutenant.  I would wish no trouble on my chosen  
brother nor on you, k'diwa."
"He'd have a fit," Awa said with a frank sigh even as the thought of his  
proposal warmed her.  ~~Marrying you would please me but you're  right.  We 
to be circumspect to put it lightly.~~

Teasingly, he  cupped her breast and tickled the nipple.  ~~As illogical as 
it is, secrets  can be exciting~~
~~That's the spirit~~  She giggled at his display of playfulness even  as she 
shivered with delight. 

~~Do you know the custom for marital  couples on Vulcan?~~  He lifted the 
hand that wasn't playing with her, two  fingers extended.  "For when we can be 
honest.  This is how we show  public affection."
She held up the same fingers and touched them to his, her eyes  glowing.  "I 
like it.  It's elegant and understated.  It  suits."

~~Then I look forward to the day when we can go out in public  touching 
hands.  I will be proud to be seen with you~~  The hand that  had been touching 
drifted down to settle at her waist and he pulled her  tighter against him.  
"You will like of my mother, I believe.  I am  sure she will approve of you.  
My brother will adore  you, he is even less orthodox than I am.  Our father... 
he is one of the  few artists to even seek Kolinahr.  When you meet, do not 
be offended by his  nature."
"Very little offends me on a deep level, Sorrean.  If you're his son  then he 
must be a decent man," she said as she pressed herself to him.  ~~I  know 
they'll love you on Kauai.  My cousin married a very lovely woman  who's half 

~~I am not half, though, k'diwa~~ he warned.   "I am full-blooded.  That can 
make people nervous, I have noticed.   They underestimate us because they 
assume that lack of emotion means we are  blind to emotion in others."
~~Then they will certainly get an interesting lil surprise if they make  that 
mistake~~ she said with a smirk, caressing his cheek.

~~You truly  have no reticence over this~~  He smiled at her, even if a 
little confusion  played in his eyes.
~~None at all, ku`u ipo.  You are as you are and I love that.~~   A slow warm 
smile spread over her face and tickled her mind, too.  ~~And  you.~~

The confusion only deepened but his smile grew in response to her  statement. 
 ~~I love you also, in my way~~
~~Promise me something, Sorrean~~ she said as she tickled at his  ears.  
~~Promise that if you don't understand something I might do or say  that you'll 
say so and ask why.  We are each bound to confound the other  and I don't want 
that to become an obstacle.~~

~~I promise~~  He was  solemn for a moment as he considered her words.  "Will 
you explain your  love to me?"
"I will.  It may not be logical and it may not make sense but I'll do  my 
best," she told him.

"Tell me?"  He snuggled down, caressing her  arms and back as he did, his 
head settled on top of hers.
"Hmmm...you're very honest, Sorrean--even when it doesn't suit what you  
think are your best interests, you'll speak the truth," she said softly,  
the feel of her nose pressed to his skin.  He smelled  wonderful.  "Self 
sacrificing and brave.  Talented..."  She  shifted so that she could look up at 
him.  "It doesn't make much sense but  that package all together is beautiful."

He felt his cheeks grow dark  with humility.  Leaning down, he kissed her 
softly, smiling against her  lips.  "I am humble," he whispered.  "That such a 
woman as thee could  see all that in me."
"Oh you are more than all of that..I just can't explain it," she told  him.  
~~I sensed much of it here, feelings more than words...~~

~~I  am open to you, go where you will, my lady~~  "Lady Awapuhi," he said 
with  a happy lilt.  "I would call it from the highest mountain, if I were but  
allowed to.  My wife!"
She watched a young man dance, in ever so logical a pattern, yet she felt  
the joy of his logic.  It amazed her that such beauty and art could come  from 
something that looked so cold on paper.  ~~That, Sorrean, logic and  joy.  
That's you.~~

~~It is~~ he admitted with ease.  Drawing  on her memories, he saw a woman 
stand tall and strong before her people, her  teams and crewmates.  She was 
a warrior as she led them, guided them  and helped them.  ~~You are the 
centre and ground of my world now~~
"And you are my heart, Sorrean," she said happily.
Parted from me yet never parted
Never and always touching and touched
We meet at the appointed place
I await you--TOS episode 35 'Amok Time'

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