[pure-silver] Re: archives

On September 11, 2004 3:25 pm, Ron Schwarz wrote:

> There is one potential situation in which a CD would be of marketable
> value.

 Plenty of ways to make it marketable. It all depends on what you consider 
value. People still sell CDs of freely downloadable stuff. Linux ISOs, text 
documents or programs. People buy them  for various reasons. Somebody was 
selling older books that had lost copyright protection [or in many case never 
had it ]. Likely some one still is.  A blank CD costs almost nothing. Charge 
$9.99 plus $5 for shipping and handling.  It's possible to sell almost 
anything. Or somebody could use them to test a spell check program-)

> effort to publish a CD for the lazy people who can't be bothered to
> download the archives.

 Not everybody CAN download the archives. I've no idea just how big the 
archives are now but I bet they'll tax a dialup account. Not everybody wants 
to download them. Not everybody even knows they can. Go to Ebay any day and 
you'll find some people selling CDs of Pentax manuals. The same manuals you 
can download off the Pentax USA website.

 On the issue of copyright wasn't this all settled during the 1980s when 
Compuserve was sued? The court found Compuserve owned the collection of 
messages but not each message so Compuserve could sell complete collections 
buy not edited messages. Of course I don't really remember the 80's

 BUT wasn't the real issue that nobody wanted to take the risk that somebody 
would sue? The issue wasn't was it legal but the hassle of dealing with some 
one with a axe to grind? 

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