[pure-silver] Re: archives

Tony Wingo a écrit :
> At 6:07 PM -0400 9/9/04, you wrote:
>>From: Jim Brick <jim@xxxxxxxxx>
>>Subject: [pure-silver] Re: archives
>>Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 14:37:36 -0700
>>> You don't really need my permission. If it is so, that you actually
>>> do, you indeed have it.
>>In light of current discussion of copyright issues about archiving and
>>making a CD-ROM of the past archive, I hoped someone would propose a
>>system which subscribers to the list must agree to some sort of
>>copyright agreements before green light on this one, so that at least
>>the new list can start off with fewer legal issues for later time.
> Would it be possible to incorporate such an agreement into the 
> confirmation email that each new subscriber must send?
Too late ! There are already more than 130 subscribers...
Shooting first and thinking next.. Here it comes...
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