RE: freeing up disk space

Apparently shared resources between mssql and other programs were in
use.  If you have sfc, you might try running that and see if you can do
a repair.  If you have a windows operating system disk I think sfc can
get the resources from that disk or search for them on line.

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Hi all -- yesterday I was desperate for space on my laptop and went in
uninstalled MSSQLserver (I think that's what it was called)..  I hit pay

dirt as uninstalling that resulted in 5 other programs to be removed as 
well.  However, now my machine gives a fatal error (fatal for some
app, not for windows) when I boot up.  My mind is suddenly blank trying
remember the name of the app, however it had something to do with a
problem. Anyway, I didn't recognize it.  Question, I think this stuff
installed when I installed Office 2003.  I installed everything on the 
disks, including the business apps.
So far this crash is the only problem. But it only freed up a few

I need to free up something on the order of 5 gigs.
I long ago moved my bulky media files to a separate disk.  I have been 
regularly uninstalling programs, but the space fills up again and I
know why.

I checked the sizes of folders and documents and settings only had
like 2.47gb, while program files had 3.44gb.
There is also a file called swtools containing 2gb that appears to hold
and drivers and something else.

Even the windows folder didn't seem like it contained a lot.

How do I whittle down the fat on this computer?
Is there a place containing old history files that I can truncate?

It got as low as 12gb free space and the disk was thrashing.  I freed up

files to over 19gb free space and it improved.  Today it got below 15
and I 
haven't been doing anything but answer email.

Any tips welcome.

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